Things that you should know about an Insulin pen


Insulin, a vital hormone, keeps the blood sugar levels normal. An Insulin Pen is an injection device consists of a needle that delivers the medication straight into the subcutaneous tissue.

There are a few important things one must know about the selection, usage, and storage of insulin pens. They are as follows.

Selection of an insulin pen:

Selecting the insulin pen is important and depends on various factors like:

  • Brand and models of the insulin pen.
  • Type of insulin pens.
  • The Number of insulin units the pen holds.
  • Tuning of the pen and its adjustment method.
  • Indication of leftover amount of insulin.
  • Incorrect dose level correction ability.

It is worth considering these factors while selecting the right insulin pen. One can discuss the same with your doctor too for clarifications.

Usage of insulin pen:

Here are the steps to be followed for the efficient usage of an insulin pen.

  • Gather supplies like insulin pen, alcohol swab, and pen needle. Wash or sanitize your hands.
  • Check the expiration date of the pen.
  • Cloudy insulin i.e. NPH insulin has to be neutralized. Mix with by rolling the pen between palms or moving it back and forth. Avoid vigorous shaking.
  • Clean the rubber membrane at the end of the pen using the alcohol lights. Make sure to remove the protection cover present on the tip of the needle.
  • Push the needle into the end of the pen and turn it clockwise to tighten it.
  • Perform a safety check. Make sure to fix the dose indicator to exactly 2 units. Push the injector button to release a little amount of insulin ensuring there’s no air present.
  • Dial the prescribed dose. Insert the needle at the administration site. Push the injector button. Hold it for 10secs after the entire solution is injected.
  • Remove the needle. Dispose of the needle in any puncture-proof container.

Storage of insulin pen:

  • Insulin cooling bags, cases, and pouches are used to store insulin pens.
  • Do not keep insulin in high temperatures places.
  • Do not keep them in the sun or freezing places.
  • Expired insulin should not be used.
  • Do not use the same insulin vial for more than a month or it isn’t kept in a refrigerator.

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