How To Get Better At Running: A Basic Guide


Recently just starting running? If so, here’s how to get better.

Running is a sport like no other, it’s you and the pavement – your only competitor is yourself, unless, of course, you are racing.

If you’ve recently just picked up running, you’re likely wondering how to get better, how to run further, and how to run faster.

If this sounds familiar, then this content is for you.

How To Get Better At Running

As with anything in life, the more we practice the better we get – this too, applies to running.

Generally, the more we run the more comfortable we become, the less tired we will be and the further we can go each time.

However, there are many more tips for becoming a better runner. We will explain these below.

1.  Recover Properly

Becoming a better runner is not just about running. Running101 recommends recovering like the pros – treating recovery just as important as training itself.

Ensure to get a minimum of eight to ten hours of sleep each night, this will reduce your risk of injury while making sure you’ve got enough energy to train sufficiently.

2.  Don’t Forget To Stay Hydrated!

Hydration is often overlooked when it comes to both exercise and running. However, you should drink at least 500ml a couple of hours before training as well as drinking plenty of fluids throughout the night.

This will allow you to perform the best, effectively allowing you to run faster!

Likewise, if running any longer than 60-minutes at one time, you should consume fluids while running. To do so, we recommend investing in a proper running water bottle.

3. Mix Up Your Training

Furthermore, to get better at running you should include variety in your training. What we mean by this is running faster, longer, shorter, and anything in-between.

Think of yourself as a car, you’ve got to shift through the gears to become faster – regularly using these gears to unlock new speeds, thus allowing you to run faster.

4. Purchase A Pair Of Specialized Running Shoes

If you’re currently running in a pair of converse, flats, or anything else please stop! This massively increases your risk of injury both right now and further down the line.

Instead, you want to invest in a pair of proper specialized running shoes. These utilize effective and supportive cushioning for the heavy impactful sport – protecting your joints, knees, and everything in-between.

To Conclude  

If you want to get better at running you should prioritize recovery and sleep, remain hydrated 24/7, but especially before running, mix up your training, and finally invest in a pair of specialized running shoes; if you haven’t already!

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