4 Steps to Prepare for a Physical Therapy Appointment in Singapore


The dictionary defines physiotherapy as treating injuries and disorders by exercising, head treatments, and massages. It forgoes drugs for a more holistic approach. You’d most commonly hear about physical therapy in Singapore when it relates to sports. Many sports players go to physiologists to receive help for injuries and new exercise regimens to benefit their bodies. If you’re suffering from an injury or pain, it might be wise to go to a physiologist. Here’s how to prepare for the appointment in four simple steps.

1. Don’t forget your documents and other things to bring.

Bringing the necessary documents will make the appointment with the physiotherapist in Singapore much smoother. Make sure to get your health card and any test results, x-rays, or drug prescriptions if you have any. These documents will give your physiotherapist the information they need for your diagnosis.

2. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Before your appointment in a physiotherapist clinic in Singapore, ensure to dress right. Your physiotherapist will likely need to take a closer look at your injury for a better diagnosis, so avoid clothing that will get in the way of that. For example, avoid long sleeves if the damage is on your arm. If you injured your leg, opt for loose shorts rather than jeans.

3. Make a detailed recount of your injury or condition, and set goals.

The more detail you give to your physiotherapist in Singapore, the better they’ll be able to diagnose your condition. Try to recount when the pain began, how it progressed, and what you have done to relieve it or make it more tolerable. Try to give your physiotherapist a concrete goal, too. For example, if you have a vital sports game in two months, you can share that with your physiotherapist, who will devise a plan to get you better before that time.

4. Make sure the price is clear and agreed upon before the appointment.

You wouldn’t want to get stuck in a situation where you cannot pay for an appointment. If you book online, you’ll be able to see the base price of a physiotherapy clinic appointment in Singapore. If it’s too expensive, you can try contacting your health insurance and ask if they cover physiotherapy appointments.

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