Orthopedic Specialist and Surgeons at OrthoGeorgia Center in Macon Georgia


The orthopedic specialist – usually known as an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon, diagnose and then tries to take care of problems medically that are related to the human skeleton, tendons, joints, and ligaments. They also take care of disorders associated with the nervous system that can be related to the spine. The medical problems they address are many and are some related to injury, birth defects or aging. The orthopedic specialist might treat ailments with drug or physical therapy. Surgery is also a common option used to solve some problems that are orthopedic.

General medical practice

Many orthopedic specialists have a general medical practice, but most only specialize in one area of orthopedics.

Have special fields of orthopedics

Many orthopedic specialists keep a general practice of medical, but most concentrated on one definite area of orthopedics. These areas usually include arthroscopy, spinal disorders, joint replacement, as well as surgery on the hand. These practices usually do not separate chronic and acute disorders.

Trauma medicine

A number of these orthopedic specialist works mainly in the field of trauma medicine, limiting their treatment to patients in trauma mainly in emergency rooms. A major of these specialists are found in the area of sports medicine. A specialist can work in a wide range of medical situations including geriatrics, podiatry, pediatrics, and plastic surgery.

Creating of OrthoGeorgia

In the 2nd decade of the 21st century, four orthopedic surgery practices formed a medical practice which is a wide-ranging provider of musculoskeletal care for all Georgians. Over the next 3 decades, a team of sports medicine surgeons, hand surgeons, and spine surgeons join making this a major practice thus becoming OrthoGeorgia. This is also where many can get physical therapy in Macon, GA.

More on physical therapy

They have physical therapy locations that use state of the art equipment as well as being staffed by licensed physical therapists and assistants’ physical therapists who provide quality of care.  It offers a wide assortment of musculoskeletal problems from back and neck pain, shoulder, knee, and foot as well as ankle problems. This physical therapy is often used to prevent surgery, preparation for surgery and after surgery as needed.

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