Can I Lose Weight by Intermittent Fasting?


Losing weight is one of the most desirable areas of any human being. For that purpose, people do many things such as fasting for days, hitting the gym, following a strict diet, and many more. But there are some special methods which have become popular nowadays. Among all those methods intermittent fasting works great for losing weight.

Basic Idea

This fasting never gives you any particular food items to avoid. All you have to do is to do fast for 16 hours in 24 hours and then you can take your meal to rest for 8 hours. To be more precise, you can start to have your lunch at 12 pm and can take your dinner at 8 pm; in between this time, you can have any types of other food items according to your choice. Thankfully, there are healthy bars available for those who are following the Intermittent Fasting Diet. These bars excellent for snacking and they come with enough nutritional benefits. After 8 pm to the next day at 12 am you can have only water, coffee, or tea. This is called 16/8 intermittent fasting.

Really Works

This fasting really works great upon people as there is a certain time to have your food and this thing ensures weight loss; with that, the metabolism rate also increases in the body. It takes 3-12 weeks to lose bodyweight. People never become sad with this fasting as you get to eat whatever you want to but just within the particular time period and that’s why this fasting is becoming popular day by day.

Be Cautious

With many benefits, there are some related issues also. This method may not be ideal for everyone. The people suffering from chronic illness, pregnant women, the women who are breastfeeding, children must consult any doctor before starting this plan. Diabetic patients should be extra careful about this method as this fasting drips sugar lever in a drastic way. Females should avoid this pattern as this may lead to menstrual problems with a decreased rate of fertility among them.

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