The Usual Misconceptions about CBD Oil


Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a product that is very good for your body. This has led to high demand for the product as more people have begun to see its wonders and advantages. Nowadays, CBD users have more options to choose from on how they would want to integrate CBD into their system. There is now a vast range of products that contain CBD. A good example of this is a hemp oil spray, which you can always see at a CBD shop. Recently there have been a few confusions and misconceptions about CBD oil. Here are some of the misconceptions about CBD that you should watch out for.

First of all, it is not true that CBD gets you high. The confusion most likely comes from THC which is the cannabinoid responsible for getting people high. Another common misconception is that you can become addicted to CBD because it is derived from cannabis, but there is no evidence yet to support this claim.

CBD can be seen in both Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. This means that it is not true that CBD only comes from one variation of the Cannabis plant. If you have heard that CBD is the only useful cannabinoid, then this is false. Lastly, people that use CBD seem to think that the larger the dose, the better. Not only is this false, but it can lead to side effects.

For more information on this topic, check out this infographic by Love CBD.

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