Calf Massagers – Extremely effective to relieve sore muscles


Who needs a calf massage?

Aged people, those people whose work indulges a lot of standing and walking such as teachers, retail shop keepers, advocates, restaurant waiters, new moms, etc and the list goes on and on. As the technological revolution rises, the massage equipment is shrinking to become portable which can be taken along where ever we need.

This freedom of mobility makes the calf massagers popular among people who really wish to get rid of their leg pains and calf cramps. Let us see some of the amazing features of these calf massagers.

Reasons for the popularity of calk massagers

* Apart from the portability reason, the effective massage system with kneading and squeezing actions relieve the pains in seconds. The knotted muscles relax to ease the muscle cramps when the kneading action is applied in regular intervals. Also, the squeezing action relieves the aches in minutes and you feel extra pleasure then the squeezing action is done.

* The rollers inside these calf massagers do not produce any noise if you buy a reputed branded one. You can hear only the humming of vibration when the rollers roll on to release the stiff muscle tissues. Another advantage of these rollers is, it works well on the calf, arch, and the ball of the foot which gives you total relaxation to the legs.

* The different choice of modes of vibration ensures you get the right intensity of massage according to the need. Low, medium, or no vibration are the three types of modes that can be set during the massage process.

* The air- pressure kneading pads which cover the leg provide you the feel of a real massage.

* You can set the auto shut off the timer if you are indulging in reading, sleeping or watching TV.

* These calf massagers’ works on the painful tightened calf muscles after jogging or running.

Massage options

Different types of massage options yield different types of relief and satisfaction. First, analyze your calf ache and set the program in the massager to suit your need. Kneading, tapping, rolling and compression are the massage techniques that are used in common to relieve the muscle spasms. The variable speed in the device controls the massaging actions thus giving you a three-dimensional massage feel.

One kind of stroke is the pumping movement to relax the tensed muscles. Even a damaged muscle can be healed with pumping action. Pores of the skin can be opened with a deep massage to pass on the effect to the inner muscles. This improves the blood circulation and thus gives the needed nutrition to the skin. The calf muscles can be relaxed with the help of a calf massager release the stiffness of the nerves thus proving a soothing and healing relief.

Many types of calf massager are available in the market to cater to the different needs of people. The calf-foot massager works on the calf and foot area as well whereas a calf-leg massager focus on the upper part of the led also. So choose the one which gives you a soothing and wonderful feeling of total relaxation.

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