You Should Find the Best Hair Transplantation Center


Hair transplant in Istanbul will be much higher level than the hair transplantation operation you will do in an ordinary place. Hair transplantation is done in the most innovative ways in the world. Hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation are performed in various centers with modern methods.

Sapphire FUE

The most innovative application in hair transplant in Istanbul is made with a sapphire blade. With local anesthesia, micro motors and hair follicles are collected from the donor area. The micromotor can collect hair follicles without breaking down, without damaging the hair follicles.

The area where hair follicles will be placed was made with two-dimensional knife clefts in ancient techniques. These incisions between 2-5 mm cause serious damage to the tissue. Besides, more scars occur and the healing process is prolonged. There is also the possibility that these cuts may damage the hair follicles.

Sapphire Blade

In operations with sapphires, much more successful results can be obtained than the operation with a knife. The distance between the incisions formed by the knife is large, but the distance is shortened when this process is done with the sapphire blade.

More importantly, the natural hair outlet direction is maintained in the operations performed with a sapphire blade. It is very important to plant the hair follicles correctly to achieve natural results. This is not possible with knife interventions. Scarring with the sapphire blade is also prevented.

When collecting hair follicles by forming cuts with a knife, there may be consequences such as dislocation of the roots, changing angles or even disappearing from the rift. When applied with special devices with sapphire needles, the most natural angle is reached by adjusting the angles and placing them in three-dimensional channels of their own size.

This eliminates the possibility of hair follicles moving and changing their angles. There is no risk of damage to hair follicles that are placed inside the canal by holding the hair.

The same size of the canals opened with the hair follicles planted ensures that the hair follicles are not damaged. Another important advantage of this technique is that the level of postoperative swelling is kept in very low dimensions with the fluid given under the skin.

Hair Root Density

Hair follicle density is important for natural and successful results. The distance must be left between the large-scale cuts that are opened with the knife. This severely limits the frequency of hair transplantation.

The use of small channels in the size of the hair follicle in surgeries performed with sapphire needles ensures that the hair follicles are close to each other. Consequently, the hair follicle density is at the desired level.

In conclusion, hair transplantation operations performed with the sapphire blade can be achieved twice as much as operations performed with cuts with knives. This makes the results much more successful.

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