How To Care For Your Newborn In The Event Of Neonatal Jaundice?


Having a newborn in the house is undoubtedly the most special feeling for any parent. Life takes a big turn, and everything changes for the good. The priorities and the expenses change too. The new parents are bound to a lot of responsibility towards themselves and the newborn child. It is essential to take care of the newborn’s health in the initial months. 

The initial care routine must be strong, or the child may face various health issues from the beginning. One such common issue faced by them is neonatal jaundice (เด็กตัวเหลือง, which is the term in Thai). 

What Do You Understand By The Jaundice Caused To Infants?

The jaundice caused in infants is usually not a very serious issue. But when it occurs, the parents must consult a doctor before it’s too late. Parents must give their newborns their full time and take care precisely. 

The basic symptom for a newborn to catch neonatal jaundice is that their skin and eyes turn yellow. This is an indication that they require medical assistance as soon as possible. It is highly essential to take care of the situation without any delay. Though it doesn’t harm the baby much, it is always better to get a consultation from the doctor to know the exact situation. 

What Are The Causes Of This Particular Type Of Jaundice In Infants?

There can be several reasons why an infant goes through jaundice at such a tender age. Below are a few common methods for infants to get prone to jaundice. 

  • Higher Red Blood Cell Division:

Since newborns have more red blood cells, greater amounts of bilirubin are released as these cells break down.

  • Slow Liver Function:

It may take some time for the liver in infants to reach optimal operating levels, causing a delay in bilirubin processing.

  • Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding-related jaundice can occur in particular situations if the baby does not receive enough breast milk, resulting in insufficient bilirubin removal. Though breast milk jaundice is a less common type of jaundice caused by chemicals in breast milk that interfere with bilirubin metabolism.

Infant jaundice is a frequent and usually harmless illness. Parents and carers must be aware of the symptoms and seek medical help if the jaundice appears severe or lasts longer than usual. Hence, taking care of them is essential and prioritizing them at the top of the list.

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