The Role of an efficient lubricant while being intimate with your partner


Personal lubricants that are also termed as lube in the colloquial language are special lubricants that are generally implemented during human intimacy and intercourses to decrease the rate of fiction between the sexual organs of the partners. It is applied to various sex toys too to make the process of penetration a bit easier. While being intimate with the partner, lubrication can be highly effective to boost the same.

When should an individual apply lubricant?

Sometimes it is common for the female sex organs to produce inadequate lubrication and that can be controlled by synthetic lubricants. This helps in making the vagina moist and discards any sort of discomfort during the vaginal dryness.

One can apply artificial lubricants in the following cases.

  • While experiencing dryness (vaginal)
  • Fluctuations in hormone level, post-pregnancy
  • Pain in the vagina due to the dryness of vaginal tissue

How does Lubrication help in effective intercourse?

Artificial lubricants are commonly used among partners during sexual activities as they help in increasing the excitement, enhance arousal, and boost sexual desire. Most importantly the effective lubricants are capable of keeping the vaginal skill utterly soft and decrease the friction while penetrating.

There are primarily three types of lubricants that are effective in their ways.

1. Water Based lubricants

These are widely used as they can be easily rinsed off with water. They don’t stain on the bedsheets and are safer to use with condoms. Such lubricants can be generated at the time of oral sex as well.

2. Oil-Based Lubricants

Oil-based commercial lubricants are the best for this purpose, as denoted by many. They can be taken to during oral sex and safer to apply with latex contraceptives. Though, in some cases, they can mark stain on the bedsheets and linens.

3. Silicone-based lubricants

Such lubes are also widely used by many couples to get a better sex experience. These are utterly slippery and slick, lasting for more time than the water or oil lubes. They are also secured to use with latex and don’t put any strain on beds.

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