Janet Kane



My journey to stage began 11 years ago in 2000 when I decided that my weight had to change. After gaining needless weight as a side effect to medication, I made the choice to eat healthy and walk.

This began my weight loss of 23kgs and the entry to the gym for maintenance. That weight was never to be found again! A lifestyle change began.

Being goal oriented, maintenance did not inspire me. So I began triathlons and loved it. I found I could focus on improvements and had to learn to run. Was quite funny as I could have swum further than the run, just could not get the breathing right. My husband trained with me and we both kept fit.

Being in great fitness, we decided to start our family and this is where the road training for triathlons unfortunately took a back seat with the birth of our son Dylan in 2001. The gym became our morning ritual.

Again faced with no goal, the teacher appeared. Bodybuilding was suggested to me from other gym members. My vision of women’s bodybuilding was clouded with an unnatural cartoon character look. So when I went along to a Natural show I was most pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and athletic the women looked and was keen to give it a go.

I just had no idea where to start with posing, routines, costumes and how to train for it?

In preparation for a competition, our second child came along, Kelsey in 2005, so my plans took a turn, but I continued to train through pregnancy.

I competed in my first competition in 2006 whilst still breast feeding my daughter and whilst terrified to be up on stage in my first EVER bikini; and having 1000 people looking at my body and judging from every angle, I was most excited to have achieved 2nd place. It was the finale to my weight loss journey.


I became hooked on the notion of improvements and sharing the healthy lifestyle with whoever I spoke with.

I have owned an ENJO business since 2002 and am a Manager teaching the skills of ENJO sales consultancy and growing my own team.

ENJO is a microfibre cleaning system enabling us to clean without harsh chemicals. It improves our health, the health of the planet and allows me the luxury of working my own hours around my 2 young children and the gym.

The combination of improving the health of others with my ENJO business and a  bodybuilding lifestyle fulfills my mission for good choices in life.


My days are very full and sometimes it is quite challenging to fit all I desire into the one day. My husband asked me once if I could possibly fit in bodybuilding into my life- and that was enough for me to find the ‘how’ and just to ‘make it happen’!

With anything we choose to do, if the goal is there, and the desire big enough, then the ‘how’ and the motivation will come.

I trained on my own until I met Mark Ottobre of www.maximusmark.com

We became training partners in 2007 and it was from this point that I really learned the art of training! ‘No excuses’ was our mutual motto!! Mark has an incredible wealth of knowledge in training and supplementation and has closely monitored and designed my progression ever since.

It is my passion to bring a better physique to stage every time I compete and to show improvements. I am proud to say that I have continued to do this. In my mind, this is a win. When I am judged the best physique on stage, it is just the most amazing experience ever.

The pinnacle of natural bodybuilding is INBA Olympia and this was my dream to win. When Olympia came to Gold Coast, Australia in 2009, my training goal was set. The mere thought of standing on the dais receiving my gold medal brings those tears of joy back. I had won!

Forever needing goals…where to from here? Well-  do it again?

I am so proud to have won my second Ms Olympia title in Reno, Nevada, USA in Nov 2011.


I am inspired by the unknown - To go beyond the belief of what is done before and to continue to grow on the inside and the out. These are challenges I set myself and thrive on the sharing of these skills and experiences.

I would like to thank my sponsors who have made my journey achievable - Max’s and the team for all my protein needs, Mark Ottobre – your knowledge and commitment is phenomenal, Definition 352 Gym –George Mariolis your guidance and support means the world.

I would love to thank my biggest support team, my husband Chris, and children. They live the daily commitments and ride the highs of competing and low of dieting with me. They really make it all possible and I love you for it.



2nd IFBB Women’s Physique Country Classic Aug 06

3rd INBA Women’s Physique U52Kg Vic Titles Oct 06

1st ANB Women’s Physique U52Kg Vic Titles Oct 06

5thINBA Women’s Physique U52Kg Australian Titles Oct 06

2nd IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Show Mar 07

1st ANB Women’s Physique U52Kg Melb Titles Mar 07 and Overall Winner

1st INBA Figure Champion and Overall winner for Melb Titles March 07

1st ANB Figure Champion and Overall winner for Vic Titles Oct 07
4th ANB Figure Aust Championships Oct 07

1st INBA All Female Show and Overall Winner July 08


1st ANB Figure Champion Vic Oct 08 and overall Best Abs winner

1st ANB Figure Champion and Overall winner Ms Australia Oct 08

2nd ANB Figure Asia/Pacific May 2009

1st INBA Figure Champion and Overall winner Ms Australia Oct 09

1st INBA Physique Champion and Overall winner Ms Olympia Gold Coast, Aus Oct 09

1st ANB Figure Asia/ Pacific and Overall winner Ms Australasia May11

1st INBA All Female Show and Overall Winner July 11

1st INBA Figure Champion and Overall winner Ms Australia Oct 11

2nd INBA Figure Short Class Ms Universe Oct 11

1st INBA Physique Champion and Overall winner Ms Olympia Reno, Nevada, Nov 11


Where to from here?

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, not just a sport. I live it and breathe it. Competing is the opportunity for me to see the work I have achieved and for others to appreciate it.

So whilst I know I can still improve, I will still grace the stage.

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