Why Are Clothes So Harmful To Your Skin?


Did you know that your skin basically is at war every single day?  Well, it is, and it could really use your help!  It is your largest and arguably most important bodily organ that is responsible for countless efforts in keeping you safe, healthy, and looking good. But did you know your clothes are irritating and damaging your skin every day?  Don’t worry; you don’t have to walk around in the nude.  Read the full article to understand what so many skincare professionals overlook…

I’m sure you have heard this before as I’ve seen more and more people screaming from the rooftops about it, but the laundry detergent used on your clothes and underwear is destroying you.  If you never have before, get up and go read the ingredients label and count how many of them you can’t pronounce.  Remember, science says that your skin absorbs as much as your digestive system!  Yet the majority of the population uses detergents that literally poison to wrap around and rub against your beautiful skin.

The immediate start would be to find a natural plant-based detergent to use that you wouldn’t have to rush to an emergency room if taken internally (to reiterate, your skin absorbs as much as your digestive system so those chemicals are going internal, just at a slower rate).  But that can’t be all you do if you have been using those poisons all your life.  You will want to begin a mild detox to eliminate those toxins and help rebalance your skin and your body.  The hard part is that I can’t tell you what would best help your particular skin because we are all different, in different environments and with different daily routines.  I get so angry when I see ads telling people what they need when that is just as close as they could get their product to “generic” and help the most average people, but again what is average to them and the cycle starts again.

So instead of buying and testing hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of products to find the right combination for your skin, I recommend you find a skincare consultant to guide you with your particular skin.  My go to online resource is knowtoglow.com based in Stockholm, Sweden.  They ship worldwide and not only offer the one on one guidance you need to find the perfect skincare product (for your particular skin, not your friend or relative), but they research and test the different skincare available and then put together certain groups of products based on that research and testing that allows you to more easily find what you need.  (I’m super busy and don’t have time to do all that research myself so I lean on them to keep my skin safe and shining, plus if you shop with them then your skin consultation is free!)

There are of course many other things that damage your skin that I didn’t cover here like the sun, free radicals, and the food you eat.  But this is the one you needed to understand now as understanding how much things that touch your skin are important is the best start that will propel you into a future of clear and beautiful skin that you never have to worry about.

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