Information About the Keto Diet


The keto diet is a term that you may have heard of lately and it is basically a high-fat diet. Meals are about 70{06ea24fe2ba415d6859e62a205d33bde11a184cf730fa7b8cecc8bfce17ace56} to 80{06ea24fe2ba415d6859e62a205d33bde11a184cf730fa7b8cecc8bfce17ace56} fat, with 20{06ea24fe2ba415d6859e62a205d33bde11a184cf730fa7b8cecc8bfce17ace56} protein, and about 5{06ea24fe2ba415d6859e62a205d33bde11a184cf730fa7b8cecc8bfce17ace56} carbohydrate. It is not the Atkins diet of high-protein. The keto diet switches a person from burning glucose that carbos provide to burning ketones that are products from fat for energy.

More information

There are many fast food places that are selling items that would fit into a keto diet as well as libraries and just a plethora of information on the internet. Just do a Google search for “keto diet” and you will find all types of information.

Works for weight loss

This diet works by reducing the body of sugar that is in reserves. This will then start to break down fat to use for energy. This starts the production of ketones or molecules, that the body will use for fuel. When the body starts burning fats, it will lead to weight loss.

Several ways

The keto diet often helps with weight loss in several ways, such as:

  • Boosting metabolism;
  • Reducing appetite;
  • Burning fat.

This diet consists of foods that will fill a person up and it is believed to reduce hormones that stimulate hunger. These are the reasons that a keto diet may also reduce appetite while at the same time promoting weight loss.

Helps with acne

Acne has various causes and might have links to diet as well as blood sugar in some people. Eating any diet high in processed and refined carbohydrates changes the balance of bacteria in the gut and causes blood sugar to rise and fall substantially and both negatively affect the health of the skin. But with a keto diet, studies have shown that this diet helps with acne in some people.

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