What To Expect After Having A Tooth Extraction And Its Cost


The tooth extraction process can be a nerve-wracking experience. So if you know the preparation for tooth extraction, it will help avoid painful infections and quickly heal your operated area. Like any other operation, tooth extraction also has recovery time and needs proper care. Here you will learn about what you can expect after the process and the tooth extraction price (ถอนฟันราคา, which is the term in Thai).

Why Are Teeth Extracted?

Many people remove their wisdom teeth, but other reasons for tooth extraction include tooth infection, decay, and crowding. A dentist or oral surgeon performs this surgery, and it’s a quick and straightforward procedure. It also needs local or intravenous anaesthesia. 

Tooth Extraction Price

Tooth extraction price may vary on the level of tooth infection. Generally, simple extraction costs between $70 to $200, depending on the type of anaesthesia. Impacted teeth extraction can charge between $800 to $4000. 

Recovery Time

Often most people need a few days to recover. If you experience a complicated tooth extraction, it will require a week to recover fully. If you have a wisdom tooth extraction, recovery takes up to a month or more. So during this phase, if you experience any sign of infection, visit your dentist. The best way to avoid infection is to follow your dentist’s instructions. 

Tips To Promote Healing

  • Nutritional Diet

After your tooth extraction, the doctor advises eating soft and warm food. Eating nutritional food will helps to boost your healing process. Consuming fruit and vegetable juice is the best alternative. 

  • Salt Water Rinse

Rising with warm salt water after 24 hours of your surgery is also an excellent way to promote healing. 

  • No Smoking

The doctor advises not to smoke for a few weeks as it can lead to dry sockets. A dry socket can severely increase pain, delay healing, and cause swollen gum. 

  • Oral Hygiene Care

Avoid using an electric toothbrush on the operated area. You must use an antibacterial mouthwash twice for two to three weeks. Only use the antibacterial mouthwash prescribed by your doctor. 

Contact Your Dentist For Any Problem

People can expect common Symptoms like bleeding, swelling, and pain in the surgical area after the tooth extraction. But if you notice excessive bleeding or severe pain, contact your oral surgeon as soon as possible. On the third day of your surgery, all your problems will improve. So if you experience any sign of infection or complication, feel free to visit your doctor. 

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