4 Things to Avoid Before Your Acne Facial in Singapore


There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy when you get an acne facial in Singapore. Some of these include breakout prevention, skin hydration, and blemish treatment. However, despite the things it could offer you, there are several things you need to avoid before it. Otherwise, you might face issues during and after your facial.

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Spending a Day Under the Sun

Although an extraction facial treatment is capable of addressing the damage of sun exposure, it is advisable to allow your skin to rest before subjecting it to the procedure. Additionally, refrain from using MD dermatics products in Singapore. Otherwise, you can expect it to react to the anti-ageing anti-acne ingredients present during your facial, which leads to a disappointing result.

Squeezing Your Acne

When touching your acne before an extraction facial, it defeats the purpose of why you’re heading to your esthetician and paying them to eliminate your pimples and acne. Additionally, squeezing them causes skin inflammation and can make it difficult to remove the leftover dirt, bacteria, and other particles in your pores.

Waxing Your Face

Doing this activity before your acne facial increases your skin sensitivity. Additionally, it strips the topmost cells of your face and massaging it can clog your pores.

It doesn’t matter even if you get the best acne facial in Singapore. You should wait for at least 24 hours before taking the treatment.

Getting Botox

If you’re planning on getting an acne facial treatment after your botox appointment, consider rescheduling the facial to another day. If possible, you should let your skin rest for two days to allow your skin to rest and recover. Otherwise, you might experience pain during the procedure, which can ruin the results of your botox.

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