Bamboo Extract Used in Cooking and For Health Problems


Bamboo is a plant that is native to Asia. It is popular as a house plant as well as the material used in furniture. Bamboo shoots that are edible are rich in nutrients, are common in many Asian dishes and have been used for many health problems.

Asian cooking

It is popular in Asia dishes due to its low fat and high protein, carbohydrates, fiber as well as other minerals and vitamins. It is still just catching on in the West as a cooking ingredient. Some feel that since bamboo extract has a bitter taste as well as a slightly pungent smell, it must be an “acquired taste”.

Health benefits

Due to the prevalence of the internet, and health benefits of bamboo extract, it is sold at many websites for these benefits which include:

  • Stimulates healthy bones
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Boost immunity
  • Aids in asthma
  • Helps with gallbladder problems
  • Healthy bones and hair

This extract is one of the richest known sources of natural silica in the world. Silica or silicon occurs naturally in some foods as well as water sources. It is believed to support bone growth as well as collagen production and keeps skin and hair healthy. Silica might also promote hair growth.

Boost immunity

These bamboo shoots are rich in vitamins and minerals that are immune-boosting such as iron as well as vitamin C. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and fights off free radical damage in cells, which can lead to the signs of disease and aging. It is believed that this extract can increase the antioxidant in the blood by up to 30 percent. It has shown to reduce chronic inflammation which is the root of many diseases such as arthritis and heart disease.

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