4 Must-Know Belly Dancing Performance Etiquette


Not all students have first-hand experience performing in front of an audience. For professional belly dance performers, there are etiquettes that belly dancers should follow during a stage performance. While some belly dance classes might not introduce the etiquette onset, it’s crucial that each performer should know what they should do before and during a belly dance performance. Here are four examples of belly dance etiquettes every belly dancer and students should be aware of:

Tell the director if you can’t attend a rehearsal

Attending rehearsals is a must for belly dancers. Every soon-to-be performer should be aware that attending rehearsals plays a crucial role in the performance’s success. It gives time and room for every participant to practise various parts. Therefore, if you can’t afford to attend a rehearsal, telling the director ahead of time for at least a week is ideal.

Make sure the outfit fits

Unlike attending a belly dance fitness where you can wear whatever is comfortable for you, a performance requires a costume. As part of the preparation, you need to ensure that the outfit remains secure and fit. If it needs to be, you can use safety pins to avoid your costume revealing parts that shouldn’t be.

Attend every class

Especially if you’re still a student, attending a class is a must, and rehearsals are never a substitute for developing specific techniques. Every belly dance class in Singapore can teach you a thing or two about everything you need to get you to perform confidently on stage.

Know how to give credit to the choreographer

While not all belly dance classes will teach you about giving proper credits, it’s etiquette (especially in performance) to credit the choreographer. Whether you’ve learned it from a professional instructor or from an online video, it’s only appropriate to give credit where the credit is due.

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