What Are the Probable Risks of Rotten Tooth?


These days public awareness about dental emergencies and oral risks has been significantly increased because of the efforts of emergency dentists and other professionals. Fortunately, a noticeable percentage of people take good care of their teeth and try to keep their oral condition healthy, but still, some people aren’t adequately informed about potential dental emergencies and their signs. As an experienced dentist near Richmond Hill explains, tooth decay is the most common dental emergency and the leading cause of many oral problems among patients of different ages and oral conditions. The correct information about tooth decay symptoms and signs will help you get to an emergency dentist in time before the decay gets too severe to save the tooth.

Bad breath is also a warning of emergency tooth decay which is unfortunately treated by over-the-counter therapies or digestive supplements instead of visiting a professional emergency dentist. People who don’t consider oral problems like bad breath as significant signs of tooth decay have a lower chance of being well treated and saving their teeth. Here we have the risks of leaving your tooth decay untreated and overlooking its emergency symptoms.

Poisoning in the Bloodstream:

While it is not considered an immediate consequence, it is also something to consider if you neglect your tooth decay for a long time. When the rot from the damaged tooth keeps getting deposited into the mouth, it can be swallowed along with your saliva, leading to blood poisoning. Most emergency dentists cannot perform necessary treatments for this problem, and they can refer patients to a suitable professional.

Reduction in Palate:

People with untreated emergency tooth decay can slowly lose their ability to appreciate a diverse variety of food. When you leave your emergency tooth decay untreated, you may not be able to eat some foods because of severe pain originating from an emergency dental infection.

Trembling Hands:

Although it’s not expected, an emergency tooth decay can affect your general health and whole body over time. When your immune system becomes triggered because of the untreated emergency tooth decay, it’s possible to face signs of weakness like trembling hands.

Gum Disease:

Periodontitis is one of the consequences of an untreated rotten tooth as the infection can also enter the gum areas. When you confront this emergency situation, your chance is too low to save your tooth as it’s seriously damaged. Your emergency dentist probably recommends having root canal treatment or even tooth extraction as the ultimate dental treatment.


An emergency tooth decay usually results in a dental abscess which is also another serious dental emergency with dangerous consequences. An emergency dental abscess caused by tooth decay can lead to a life-threatening condition called meningitis, an inflammation near the brain and spinal cord. It’s not common, but it’s usually seen among patients who couldn’t treat their tooth decay due to different issues like lack of funding.

To avoid all those risks, you should see your emergency dentist as soon as possible if you notice any symptoms of a rotten tooth.

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