Should I Get A Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?


There are many factors to think about when considering cosmetic surgery. For those that are worried about excess skin and fat on the stomach area, an abdominoplasty – commonly referred to as a tummy tuck – is a well-known possible solution. However, is it really worth it? That depends on your answers to several questions.

 Why are you getting it?

Of all the possible problem areas on your body, your stomach area can certainly be one of the most frustrating. Over the years, many things can happen to our bodies that can impact the way we look and how we see ourselves, including weight gain or loss, pregnancy, the aging process and excess skin. But what’s even more frustrating is that even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you can’t always turn back the clock. If you find yourself in these circumstances then an abdominoplasty in Sydney could be the right choice for you.

What kind of results are you expecting?

A tummy tuck essentially removes excess fatty abdominal wall tissue and repositions the umbilicus with a tight wound closure. Results will vary for different people depending on your initial consultations and assessments with your doctor, as well as your current physical state. Overall, you can expect to see a firmer and tighter tummy. However, during your discussions with a doctor regarding abdominoplasties in Sydney, you may decide it’s necessary to add additional procedures such as liposculpture to achieve your desired results.

It’s also important to note that the full benefits of your tummy tuck may not be immediately noticeable. The first few weeks post-surgery commonly include swelling, redness, bruising and stiffness, however this should resolve over several weeks as you begin to heal and then you’ll be able to see the results better.

Can you afford it?

One of the most searched questions regarding abdominoplasty surgeries in Sydney is how much does a tummy tuck cost? The reason it’s difficult to get a straight answer is because it really depends on a few different things.

  • Firstly, will you be getting a mini-abdominoplasty, a regular abdominoplasty or an extended abdominoplasty?
  • Secondly, will you be getting an additional procedure such as a breast augmentation or liposuction?
  • Lastly, what are the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee and hospital fees associated with your specific procedures and the practice you’re using.

Generally, an abdominoplasty in Sydney will cost between $12,000 – $25,000. After an initial consultation you’ll be able to get a clearer estimate of the cost for your specific needs.

Are you at a stable weight or planning to get pregnant in the future?

One the things that you might not realise about tummy tucks is that they’re best performed on those who are within 5kg to 10kg of their goal weight. This is because gaining or losing too much weight can possibly alter the shape achieved during the surgery. Pregnancy can result in similar issues as your stomach stretches during the childbearing process. This isn’t a deal-breaker, as you can get a revision procedure later down the line if necessary or there may be a better initial surgical option for you.

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