How To Tell If You Need Varicose Veins Treatment In Singapore


Do you have bulging veins crawling across your legs and calf? Are they bluish to red? Do they give you discomfort? Perhaps, you need to visit your vascular doctor in Singapore because you may have varicose veins.

Varicose happens when the blood in the lower limbs can’t circulate back into the heart, causing it to pool in the legs. Once it pools, it will begin to damage and weaken the blood vessels in the legs, leading to swelling and inflammation– varicose veins. People normally ignore varicose veins, but there are signs that they need immediate treatment.

Here are the signs that you need varicose veins treatment in Singapore:

Painful legs

Varicose veins may cause discomfort, however, if they already cause pain in the affected localised area, then it may be a sign that you need a varicose vein treatment.

The pain usually gets worse throughout the day. Pain also increases when doing hot weather, especially at night.

Itchy skin

Varicose veins can progress to venous stasis dermatitis if not treated. Venous stasis dermatitis happens when fluids build up in the lower legs and prevent blood from reaching the skin.

The skin in the lower legs, especially in the ankles, will turn reddish, yellow, or brown. It becomes scaly, itchy, and crusty. Apart from thickening, there may be discharge oozing from the skin.

If you notice these signs, you need a varicose and spider vein treatment in Singapore.

The heaviness of the legs

People may feel their legs grow heavy all throughout the day after sitting or standing for a long time. The heaviness gets worse when the woman is approaching or on her menstrual cycle. This condition is also more apparent during the night.


One indication that you may needvascular surgery for varicose veins in Singapore is when leg cramps become more frequent. Leg cramps usually attack at night, but they can also occur during the day, especially if there is prolonged sitting and standing.

Leg restlessness

If you feel like your legs have the urge to move constantly, or there is a crawling sensation in your legs, calves, and ankles, it only means you have restless legs.

If you begin having restless legs alongside varicose veins, it is better to consult your vascular doctor in Singapore for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Are you noticing these symptoms with your varicose veins? It is time to get your veins checked.

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