Help in Building A Home Gym


Since many of us have been stuck at home due to the pandemic, many are building their home gyms. And a slam ball is an excellent training equipment to build up strength. They are a way to build:

  • Power;
  • Stamina;
  • Speed.

Compound exercises

Unlike free weights, these balls are perfect for compound exercises and can target various groups of muscles. They add some fun into some of your workouts especially when they provide the exerciser with dynamic exercise that can be enjoyed with a partner.

Reviews on the internet

You can use these balls in many types of a workout as slam balls can be used regularly with:

  • Push-ups;
  • Squats;
  • Sit-ups;
  • And planks.

They are on the market in various weights which allows you to pick the model that best meets your needs. There are detailed guides that can help make the process of which one to buy, much easier.

Push-up bars

You might also want to add some push-up bars to your home gym, so you have another decision to make.  Push-up bars build strong hands as well as pectoral muscles without using heavy weights and machines – yes, this is true and it is not just a myth.


Even if you have an injury and your physician has said that you can forget about hard works with push-ups in your routine – then this should be exactly right for you.


The internet offers you a perfect place to get reviews on this as well as other equipment for your home gym. Push up bars do offer a great way to boost endurance as well as burn your upper body as never before. A good guide will help you choose the best bars for workouts including:

  • Material;
  • Value;
  • Mobility;
  • The best routine for training;
  • Other information.

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