Does It Matter Where You Place Ashtrays Outside? We Take A Closer Look


There’s nothing worse than tidying up a space covered in cigarette butts, which is why a dedicated ashtray can be a lifesaver for any outdoor space. Although it’s a good move, it’s not necessarily an easy one – finding the right ashtray for your space can be tough, as can knowing where to actually put it. In this article, we take a look at a few great ways you can better introduce an ashtray into an outdoors environment.

Good positioning can sometimes be everything

If you’re looking to introduce an outdoor ashtray into your space to stop people littering everywhere, you’re definitely onto a good thing. Separating smokers and non-smokers is an important part outside, so with this in mind the first thing you should be considering is the placement of your ashtray. Plonking it right in the middle of your space will obviously make it very obvious to anyone nearby, and while they’ll be more likely to drop their butts in there, it certainly won’t look pretty and it’ll also likely take up much more space than it needs to and potentially even smell out most of the outdoor area. On the other hand, discretion when it comes to placement – while positive for the look of your space – is only going to have people either not bother to travel to your ashtray or just assume you don’t have one. at the end of the day, it’s about having a good understanding off your own unique space – knowing what areas rely heavily on traffic flow and where there is cover from potentially bad weather, plus you’ll want to also be factoring convenience in for both smokers and non-smokers. It’s not easy to juggle at the end of the day, but practice makes perfect.

How many people are you expecting?

If you thought you’re ready to go, we’ve got some bad news: effective ashtray placement in an outdoor location is very important, but it’s about more than positioning. Knowing how many people you’re actually catering for with your ashtray should give you a much clearer understanding of what size the ashtray should be, as overdoing this or underdoing it can make this awkward for any smokers nearby. If you choose to just get the smallest possible ashtray to save on space and make the outdoor area look more presentable, you’ll likely see it overflowing before long and it will require you to be constantly emptying it. In the same way, getting a massive smoke ashtray you run the risk of having a huge eyesore unnecessarily taking up unnecessary space. it can take a bit of consideration to work out what size is right for you, but just consider how much space you have to work with outside and who will be using the ashtray frequently and you should have some idea about the right size for you.

Have a better understanding of where to start?

While introducing the perfect ashtray into your space can require some thought, just treat it as an investment – it’s something that will likely stay there for a while so you won’t have to worry about it again if you do it right the first time. Plus it’ll mean less butts that you have to clean up!

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