Colin Wayne: Keeping Fit While Running A High Profile Company!


Colin Wayne is the high profile and highly successful CEO of Redline Steel, one of the world’s top customizable steel monogram companies. Prior to starting this business though, Colin served in the US military and then went on to become a highly featured fitness model, appearing on countless magazine covers showing off his incredible body.

Through dedication and the proper mindset/training, Colin is inspirational to us all, and we just had to sit down with him to learn more.

Tell us the secret: How do you stay so fit and in shape?!

You really have to dedicate your mind and body towards a daily routine that focuses on positive habits. Although I’m in the gym on a frequent basis, I maximize my results by forcing myself to consume foods that promote a healthy diet.

As a former member of the US Army, obviously being in shape has been a big part of your life and survival during war times. What was your daily routine like back when you were serving?

I started working out in pre-mobilization training for Iraq back in June of 2009 and haven’t stopped ever since. I have tried a lot of different styles of training but what I have enjoyed the most was a 5 day training split targeting primary muscle groups applying (Time Under Tension) TUT style training along with (High Intensity Interval Training) HIIT Style Training. So, a typical week for me would be a 5 day rotation schedule of  Day 1 – Chest, Day 2-  Back, Day 3 – Legs (Quads, Hamstrings), Day 4 – Shoulders/Traps, Day 5 – Arms (Triceps, Biceps)

After being literally ‘blown up’ in a rocket attack overseas and surviving, what steps did you have to take to rehab your body back to ‘normal’?

I underwent six months of intense physical therapy just to regain enough strength in my legs to walk and move naturally from shrapnel that went all the way through my right leg, nearly costing me a below the knee amputation. Also, I had to have lumbar block fusion surgery L1-3 on my back from nerve damage caused by the concussion of the explosion that threw me to the ground.

As a busy CEO these days, as well as a father, how do you find the time to workout?

After purchasing some gym equipment a couple of years ago, I sectioned off an area in our warehouse for a company gym that is available to all employees. I’ll typically work out when the rest of the staff goes to lunch. That way, I can still focus on the priorities that shape my life: family and business.

Are there any products you would recommend people use to get the body they desire?

Supplements just aid in the efforts that you’re putting toward in the gym, but I personally take a lot of Redcon 1 products such as their pre-workout (Total War, and Big Noise) which are incredible for both energy, performance, and maximizing your pump. I also take their BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) during my working called Breach, and post work out I take a protein that is a hydrolyzed isolate whey called Isotope.

What in life inspires you these days?​

Having lived through a near-death experience, I understand on a personal level how everything can be taken away in the blink of an eye. I’m deeply determined to beat any obstacle in my line of sight.

  1. What else is planned for you, your body and your company Redline Steel in 2020?

Between the sacred time spent with my family and my devotion to growing this business, I plan on continuing to stay healthy by finding time to work out and stay in shape.

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