7 Reasons why to choose Dental Implants for your Tooth


Any tooth problem is a serious matter. Tooth problems often result in other damages, tremendous pain, bad breath, and lifelong suffering. Dental implants are tooth replacements that are made of a titanium body and a titanium screw for attachment purposes. If you are dealing with tooth loss, implants are the best solution. Here’s why.

1. It restores biting power

The implants are embedded in your jaw with the help of a titanium screw. This screw joins the jaw and the artificial denture. Due to this steady attachment, you can chew your food like before.

2. It can last for a lifetime

Unlike other means of tooth replacements, implants can last for a long time. Proper care of your teeth should be maintained to ensure the long-life of the implant. They are made of titanium, which is biocompatible, non-toxic, and non-allergic. These properties increase their shelf life.

3. It looks and behaves similar to an original tooth

Implants come with a wide range of colors, types, and sizes to choose from. They are so similar that no one can identify the implant except you and your regular or emergency dentist.

4. It prevents jaw bone loss

One of the various effects of tooth loss in bone mass loss. A tooth connected to the jaw supports jaw bone growth in that area. If there is a missing tooth, bone growth stops. Implants stimulate jaw bone growth and thus prevents bone loss.

5. It prevents facial sagging

Facial sagging is also a side-effect of tooth loss. It occurs due to bone loss in the jaw. This loss causes changes in the structure of the face. Sagging of cheeks, protruding chin, and wrinkles on the face are some of the examples. A dental implant operates just like an original tooth. It supports the facial structure and prevents sagging.

6. Dental implants are one-time investment

There are many ways of tooth replacement available today. Most of them are affordable but can cause other costlier problems such as bone and other teeth problems. Such damages are painful and can be permanent. The treatment costs can add up to form a large amount. Dental Implants are costly but they don’t cause any extra damages.

7. It is easy to take care of

Implants don’t need any extra maintenance. The material of the implant is decay-proof. All you require is normal brushing and flossing. It is better to have routine checkups with your regular or emergency dentist.

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