What is TB Skin testing, and Why You Need it?


TB or Tuberculosis is a bacterial disease caused due to bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It reaches the lungs spreading through the bloodstream and lymph nodes in the organs. Tuberculosis is airborne diseases and is highly epidemic, which is the reason why TB testing is necessary for those who work in the public health sector or other corporate sectors. Most of the corporate companies require Onsite TB testing and drug screening test as a medical health checkup for the pre-employment process. TB testing is also an essential annual health check-up for public sector jobs in many states.

Who requires TB testing?

From healthcare workers to schools, caseworkers, and other employees who work in vulnerable health populations are mandatory to undergo TB testing once a year. Various testing labs around the country who provide onsite TB testing for groups that is cost-effective for the organization. Drug screening tests and onsite TB testing can be done for cost-effective for an organization that wants testing in groups and the number of peoples.

How is the TB test Done?

The TB skin tests (Skin PPD testing a) and TB blood tests (QuantiFERON tuberculosis testing) are two commonly used techniques to test tuberculosis. In PPD skin test patient is given a shot under the top lawyer of the skin. The implants include tuberculosis antigens, which are purified protein derivatives that are PPD. If a patient has a tuberculosis bacteria, then his skin will develop a firm red bump at the spot of injection within two days.  PPD tests can also be performed in remote areas because it does not need a laboratory.

Why verify the Positive TB test result?

The PPD skin test is susceptible to incorrect positive results for people who received a TB vaccine. Therefore, most of the time it is followed by a chest x-ray and a blood test for tuberculosis. The positive test result is mandatory to follow up by the QuantiFERON blood test and chest x-ray for the visual confirmation.

TB Skin testing and Quantiferon

The TB skin test will require two visits, one for administration and one for the TB read. The Quantiferon blood test will require one visit for a blood draw, and the result can be provided within 3 to 5 business days. Onsite TB testing can be administrated in a day, and results can be provided within 48 to 72 hours after the administration time.

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