Why is it important to get CPR certified?


CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is performed in emergency conditions that involve chest compressions combined with artificial ventilation. CPR has been shown to increase survival by providing 25-40{06ea24fe2ba415d6859e62a205d33bde11a184cf730fa7b8cecc8bfce17ace56} of the normal blood flow to the heart and brain.

Importance of CPR certification training:

The epidemiological studies in India say that cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of most of the deaths. A death rate of 272 per 10000 people is observed due to cardiovascular diseases. In most of these cases, CPR may be a life-saving choice. CPR is done for the person who is unable to breathe and respire or who is suffering from shortness of breath. The survival rate of the patients who have undergone CPR is around 26{06ea24fe2ba415d6859e62a205d33bde11a184cf730fa7b8cecc8bfce17ace56} that is remarkable. Thus, this shows how important is CPR certification training and so is the importance of providing the CPR certification training program to the employees and most of the organizations are looking to provide training for CPR to all its employees.

Beneficial outcomes of CPR certification training:

1. Life savior

There are a number of cases where people die because of sudden cardiac arrest. A CPR trained person has the skill and ability to save the person from a sudden heart attack. CPR saves the person by preserving the brain’s normal functioning during the arrest. Thus, CPR extends the survival time of the person allowing the doctor to treat the patient.

2. Meet the growing requirement of CPR trained persons

There are many organizations that are overlooking to train their employees with CPR and make them more valuable. Today, because of the risk of increased cardiac arrest deaths, there is also a growing demand for CPR trained personnel. Thus, you can meet the requirement for CPR trained people and thus, help the victims.

3. Assistance

The CPR trained personnel are responsible to increase the survival rate and time of the patients who are attacked by a chest arrest. As each second counts for them, the CPR trained person is of great value and is very important to treat the patient who is unconscious. Their assistance can be of great use to doctors and thus, the life of the patient may be saved.

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