What are the possible causes of Infertility?


Infertility is the inability to become a father or mother. In simple words, if a man is unable to become a father, then he suffering from infertility problems whereas if a woman is unable to become a mother or get pregnant, she is suffering from the problem of infertility. There are no other symptoms of infertility other than not becoming parents, despite having carefully timed, unprotected sex for one year.

Infertility has now become a common problem, and a lot of men and women are suffering from infertility problems. Around 12-15{06ea24fe2ba415d6859e62a205d33bde11a184cf730fa7b8cecc8bfce17ace56} of couples in their twenties find problems in having a child.

But with the growth of medical facilities and many treatments like test-tube babies, IVF procedure, IUI procedure, the problem of infertility can be solved. But when it comes to infertility, we need to know a few things, symptoms of infertility, causes of infertility, treatments for infertility and success rates in these treatments.

Causes of Infertility

There are a no. of causes of infertility. The causes of infertility also differ in men and women. In about one-third of the cases of infertility, the problem is with men. In about one-third of cases, the problem of infertility in women, in the rest of the cases the problem of infertility is either with both, or there are no causes of infertility is found.

Causes of infertility in males:

  • Unhealthy Sperm production is one of the major causes of infertility in males. This problem of abnormal or unhealthy sperm production in males can occur due to testicles infection, genetic disorders, health problems like diabetes, mumps, HIV.
  • Problems in the transportation of sperms. This causes the difficulty of sperms to reach the eggs easily. This might cause problems like premature ejaculations. This is due to some genetic problems, damage or injury to the reproductive organs, blockage in the testicles and tubes from which sperm travels.
  • Environmental problems: Overexposure to certain environmental situations is one of the biggest causes of infertility in males. Environmental pollution, chemicals intake, some medications can be a cause of infertility in males. Exposure to heat can also cause infertility problems.
  • Some of the therapies and treatments related to cancer like radiation therapies can be a cause of infertility as this treatment leads to unhealthy production of sperms.

Causes of infertility in females:

  • Disorders in ovaries are one of the biggest causes of infertility in females. This is because ovaries are the egg production house in females. This can be due to hormonal changes, genetic disorders, or any physical damage near the ovaries. Infection in ovaries can also lead to the production of unhealthy eggs, which becomes a reason for infertility in females.
  • Cervical disorders can cause problems of infertility in women. In case, you are facing disorders you must visit the best IVF centre in Noida for the necessary treatment.
  • Fallopian tube forms the tube, which helps the sperm to reach the egg. Thus any damage or infection in the fallopian tube can be a cause of infertility in females.
  • Formation of tumours near the reproductive systems in women can lead to infertility in women. The tumour can be cancerous or non – cancerous. In the case of a cancerous tumour, there is a chance of development of cancer in the reproductive region, which is also a major cause of infertility in females.
  • Endometriosis is a type of disorder which can be the cause of infertility in females.
  • Cancer and its treatments also affect egg production in women. Treatments like radioactive surgeries are one of the major causes of infertility in both females and males. The type of cancer which forms near the reproductive systems is a big cause of infertility.


Infertility is a growing disorder in both men and women. There are various treatments available for fighting treatments, but it completely depends on the type of infertility being faced, and the type of infertility depends on the cause of infertility. The cause of infertility can vary for both- males and females.

The most common cause of infertility in both males and females is some sort of damage to the reproductive system. Infection in different regions of reproductive systems also causes problems of infertility. Many couples facing difficulties in conceiving a child were benefited by these treatments. So today, with the help of modern medications and great doctors like Dr. Shweta Goswami, people can fight the problem of infertility.

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