Things To Consider Before Getting Breast Enlargement


Breast augmentation or enlargement is one of the most common types of procedures performed these days. But patients need to consider several factors before considering the breast size enlargement surgary (ทำนม โคราช, which is the term in Thai).

Consider Implants Or Fat Transfer

Saline or silicone implants aren’t the only choices available for breast implants. One can also consider using patient-derived fat grafts, which assumes using the liposuction method to extract fat from various body parts. After extraction, the fat is processed in a fit condition for injection in the breasts. But one must know that the breast will increase only up to two cup sizes.

A Breast Augmentation Can’t Fix The Sagging Breasts

The breast lift can help in correcting the pendulous breasts as it mainly involves tightening issues and removing the extra fat. Majority of the patients can benefit from them, and they mainly include women who are breastfeeding and post-pregnancy.

Breasts Implants Tend To Be Replaced At Least Some Point

You can consider getting Breast surgery in “Khorat” (ทำหน้าอก โคราช, term in Thai) as they are both safe and long-lasting. The implants mainly last for more than a decade these days, and patients who undergo implants have to go for annual checkups and perform checks on at least a regular basis.

Breast Implants Will Feel Different When Touching

Even though silicone breasts tend to feel similar to natural breasts, they are most likely to be human-made and feel way different from the natural breast. One can consider breast size enlargement surgary if they have smaller breasts.

One Can’t Go From Small To Huge At A Time

If one is starting with smaller cup size, including an A cup, then they can’t expect to go till DD size in one process. Hence one can set realistic goals as the body needs time to adjust to these changes so the expert can suggest the size of cups at first, then the implant can continue for years to come to increase the increase.

If one is a tobacco smoker, then they must stop smoking at least two weeks before getting Breast surgery in “Khorat.” Even one cigarette before the surgery can put them at risk, and several experts might even refuse to perform the process if they fail to follow this rule.

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