Sprained Ankle – Know The Basics


For this article, let us first come to the point, as what is a sprain? In simplest terms, a sprain is one form of ligament injury. An ankle sprain is the most common sprain of all and happens quite frequently. It occurs when the ankle supporting ligaments stretch or tear, or get twisted.

This article will give you a brief detailing about ankle sprain and all you need to know if you face any.


The symptoms and pain for the sprained ankle (เท้า พลิก, which is the term in Thai) vary depending on the extent of the injury. The affected area gets swollen and bruised with excruciating pain every time you try to put on a pace. A sprain makes walking one complicated issue.


There can be a hundred different reasons for an ankle sprain to happen. The most common is falling. Falling might cause to twist in the ankle and the supporting ligaments around it, resulting in a sprain. The other most common and frequent cause is if you get a sudden blow. A sudden impact on the ankle might result in stretching the ligaments supporting the ankle, and thus, a sprain is inevitable. Other causes, not very common, include overusing the ankles, which happens in most athletes, and from a previous ankle injury.


A Sprain Is Categorized Into Three Different Types Or Grades:

  • Grade 1: These sprains occur when there is a microscopic stretch or tear in the ligament. The pain associated with this is mild, and also the swelling is not that much.
  • Grade 2: Causing moderate pain and swelling, these sprains occur in partial tearing of the ligament. Consulting a doctor is judged as a better idea with complete rest.
  • Grade 3: These are sprains that are severe and require an operation. The ligament gets wholly torn, causing an abnormal excessive pain and swelling, making it difficult for the ankle even to move an inch.


The most basic treatment for a sprained ankle is to keep the ankle entirely still, at rest. Even the slightest move might prove dangerous. Painkillers might subside the pain, and the swelling needs few days to lessen. Until then, absolute bed rest is the best idea. Mild sprains don’t require any treatment, but in the case of Grade 2 or 3, a doctor’s opinion is a must, and in severe cases, it had to undergo surgery.

Sprains are the most basic injury in day-to-day life, ankle sprain being the most common of them. Most sprains are mild and do not require medication; rest and gentle exercise are all that is needed.

The only essential and vital thing to keep in mind is to rest the ankle to avoid future injury.

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