The Top Ways to Detox Naturally


Detox is an incredibly broad and general term and really only means the removal of harmful substances (toxins) from the body. Kiya Longevity, a company specializing in naturopathic medicine, say that detox is by its very nature a natural process. Or rather, that it should be. Detoxing with the aid of further synthetic substances could even be considered no kind of detox at all. Detox is therefore the simplest kind of naturopathic health procedures, and any naturopathic doctor would be keen to avoid synthetic substances wherever possible.

Depending on what you are detoxing from, detox is something that you can carry out on your own, given the right advice and recommendations from a health expert. Many people even undergo detox without visiting any kind of health professional and see success in the majority of cases. Detox is something many health-conscious people know about and are aware of how to carry out safely and properly. There has been a good amount of advice built up over the years to help with home detox, but the most important thing is to always keep it natural.

What Forms Does Detox Take?

You might well have heard that detox involves fasting or eating certain foods, but you might also have heard that it involves doing things like exercise or going to the sauna. The truth is that detox is no one thing, and it is certainly not a specific medical procedure. In fact, as long as some harmful substance is being removed from the body, then the process counts as detoxing. It is a diverse field, but that does not mean you can just do anything.

To make the point again, the right type of detox for you will be the one that most effectively gets rid of the toxin (or more often, toxins) that you want to go.

All-Natural Detox Tips

Here follows then some top forms of detox that you can be sure do not involve the introduction of any further synthetic substances or toxins into your body:

Therapeutic Fasting

Fasting is a terrific way to promote liver detoxification and decrease inflammation. It can also help correct intestinal dysbiosis. In terms of time, a good ballpark figure is 12 to 14 hours per day. You should try this for a set period of time and then observe the effects afterward. Good advice here is to start with a weeklong period of fasting every day. To start smaller, you can try only a few days a week. You can also have one day a week where you consume nothing but water or one weekend per month doing the same thing. Be sure to eat well when outside of the fasting hours and consult a professional for advice before starting the process.


Sleep is a detox method. It is all to do with the lymphatic drainage that occurs while you sleep. This is a highly effective process; the brain ‘shrinks’ as you sleep in a process known as synaptic pruning on account of the lymphatic drainage which is necessary to move toxins, old cells, and other debris out of your body. Get your eight hours.


Doing some aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes and around three to four times a week is a massively effective detox method. Not only does this improve the efficiency of lymph drainage, but it can also activate antioxidant responses in the body, which constitute another form of detox.

As you can no doubt tell, many of the methods of detox are well known to everybody. That does not mean, however, that they are not highly effective.

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