Painkiller Health Information: What is Trakem Tramadol?


Tramadol HCL tablets are commonly known by the brand name Trakem and belong to the opioid analgesic group of medications. Although this medication is slightly less potent compared to other treatments in its class (such as those used for intensive sedation), it is still very effective due to its well-structured pharmacological profile. Its overall success is based on its synthetic nature which mimics the effects of a naturally based opioid.

Trakem Tramadol 100mg is classed as an opiate analgesic due to the effects that it produces. The tablet works by changing the way the brain and nervous system processes and responds to pain. Once the tablet is ingested and dissolves into the bloodstream, it increases the strength of two neurotransmitter chemicals found in the brain. These chemicals are called norepinephrine and serotonin.

Norepinephrine enhances concentration while serotonin assists in the regulation of various responses and functions of the body. This includes responses or functions like mood, behavior patterns, appetite, digestion, sleep, memory, sexual desire, and in this case pain. This process initiated by these painkiller tablets ultimately decreases pain sensations, therefore, providing effective relief from moderate to severe pain.

Why is Tramadol Different from Other Opioids?

1. Trakem Tramadol 100mg tablets is a synthetic medication, meaning it does not occur in nature and are milder than other medications that are in its category. Despite this, it has the same effects as its more potent counterparts.
2. Tramadol has a higher tolerability profile compared to other opioid-based pain medications. This is largely due to its synthetic base.
3. Tramadol treats acute and chronic pains whereas other opioids can only tackle either/or.
4. In comparison with other opioids which need to be taken according to specific time frames, Trakem can be used at the first sign of pain (as needed by the patient).

Tramadol’s Prerequisite for Use

Trakem Tramadol tablets can be used by both adults and children which makes it an ideal choice when it comes to pain relief. Although as with any medication, patients have to take the tablet following specific guidelines and also be appropriately suited (age, past/present medication intake, pre-existing conditions, etc) to take the treatment.

Tramadol online preconditions for medication use:

1. First and foremost, patients who decide to use Tramadol as a treatment for pain should ensure that they do not have/had medical conditions that counteract the use of Tramadol.
2. Users should be certain that they are not on any medications that prohibit the use of Tramadol.
3. Consumers must ensure that the condition or pain they want to eliminate can be treated by Tramadol.
4. Patients must be over the age of 12 years old to take this medication. FDA regulations suggest, if this tablet is taken by users below the age of 12, it may cause complications and patients may be at risk for drug-induced complications and side effects.

Side Effects of Trakem

Although Trakem Tramadol 100mg is a less potent opioid, it can still cause unwanted side effects if not taken as recommended. These side effects include:

1. Nausea
2. Vomiting
3. Constipation
4. Lightheadedness
5. Dizziness
6. Drowsiness, or
7. Headache

Unwanted tramadol effects are usually very mild and can be self-managed/treated. In most cases, as the body becomes familiar with the treatment, these adverse effects disappear on their own. To avoid side effects, individuals are also encouraged to follow their exact dosage guidelines.

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