Nose Surgeries And The Best Solutions For You Now


The nose represents the central point of harmony of the face. Its imperfections in size, shape, and position end up causing physiological damage and also a loss of facial esthetics. Therefore, it should receive special attention, not only for the beauty it represents but also for its functional importance (breathing). When performed with a refined technique and with an aesthetic sense on the part of the surgeon, rhinoplasty or nose plastic surgery brings immeasurable benefits, providing a marked improvement in the well-being and self-esteem of patients. Just like the use of the Brightening Laser (laser หน้า ใส, which is the term in Thai)

Different Types

We can conceptually divide rhinoplasty into two currents, the so-called “reductive” and the more modern technique called “structured rhinoplasty”. Traditionally, classic or reductive rhinoplasty was based on resection of nasal cartilages and reduced osteocartilaginous skeleton, always aiming for a small and well-upturned nose, almost standardized, not always in harmony with the patient’s face the famous “plastic nose”.

Modernly, “structured rhinoplasty” represents a new approach, which aims to individualize the surgical procedure through studies of facial harmony, taking into account the characteristics of each patient and facial measurements. The difference between the second and the first is that it does not aim only at reducing the nasal framework but rather at unsightly remodeling aspects of the nose through its internal restructuring. Thus, more predictable and lasting results are sought through a series of techniques. Functional elements such as septal deviations and turbinate hypertrophy are concomitantly treated with the aesthetic part in this procedure. When it comes to Nose Surgery for Men (เสริม จมูก ผู้ชาย, term in Thai), then indeed you can have the best options right here.

The Performance Can Take Place Through Numerous Approaches, Such As:

· Nasal Tip Refinement

In cases where the patient has a thick, broad, bulbous, rounded, undefined, or asymmetrical nasal tip, the surgery aims at treating and symmetrizing the cartilage, reorienting the deviated portions, symmetrizing and refining the information.

· Increase Or Reduce Nose Projection

We can act on the projection of the nasal tip, using structural grafts obtained from the nasal septum itself, thus aiming at again in those patients with projection deficiency, which have the information receded concerning the back, or even retreat the tip in cases of the hyper-projected nose, correcting and reorienting the nasal cartilages.

· Short A Nose Too Long

With the rotation and structuring of the tip of the nose, we aim to shorten the nose that is too long and make it more suitable for the patient’s face.

· Balancing The Back-Tip Relationship

The relationship between the height of the dorsum and the projection of the tip of the nose is what determines a beautiful and harmonious profile. Ideally, we try to keep the lead in a position of more excellent projection concerning the back so that the tip of the nose has the main highlight in the set.

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