Everything about Scalp Sores and Acne on Scalp


Well, hair can either make or break your day as we all know. Having a good hair day is indeed rare but also to achieve it, you definitely need to have a good and healthy scalp. The people who do not possess a healthy scalp tend to suffer from a lot of scalp problems along with skin obviously. These days, some minor scalp problems are almost common in all due to the growing pollution and the unhealthy environment around us. Also, sometimes, hereditary traits play a role in hair fall and weak scalp.

There are many problems associated with scalp and they may be a result of lifestyle, hereditary or infection. While looking for a solution to treat the problem, you need to stress on the root of the cause of the problem to achieve the best of results.

One such issue is when a person suffers from painful scalp sores. Research has concluded that they are harmless and get cured on their own. On the other hand, in other cases, they may be a result of problems such as head lice, psoriasis or contact dermatitis.

To prevent such sores on scalp, some simple measures can be taken and they are as follows:

  • Wash your hair regularly to keep it healthy and clean
  • Avoid too much contact with scalp by touching it frequently
  • Use a mild shampoo that suits the requirement of your scalp
  • See a doctor immediately as soon as you notice any scalp issues to prevent any further issues.

To note, you should definitely see a doctor when the sores:

  • Do not get cured on their own after some days
  • Are extremely itchy or painful
  • Get cured but keeps coming back again and again
  • Are on a young child’s head

Another scalp issue that is quite common is acne on the scalp and many people try to look for home remedies by searching with keywords such as “how to cure acne on my scalp“. Basically acne on scalp is similar to the ones that happen on the skin, just that some clogged pores tend to cause pimples on the scalp. Therefore, this brings us to the previously noted point above that healthy and clean scalps are a necessity in everyone’s life. To treat this problem, the easiest way is to use medicated shampoos or to go for a scalp treatment.

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