Increasing Inner Peace


Most people believe inner peace is a quest, or a seeking when in actuality it is the opposite of having to DO anything at all. In contrast, it is learning to just be. For many, this is very difficult because they are trying to fill an internal hole they may or may not be aware of is within them. They believe the next achievement, the next relationship; even their next child will fill their emptiness. But we must fill our own cup to overflowing, and then we become a vibrational match to other things that increase our abundance. If we do not already practice unconditional love for ourselves, we will attract more things that magnify the state of lack.

But what does self love even mean? Most of us were not raised in a world where we were taught this. It is not merely acts of self care – in fact, self care is often taken only after periods of prolonged stress and imbalance. Self love is not admiration of only one’s physical beauty, or even one’s “good” qualities, as these are fleeting and variable concepts. Some think pushing themselves to achieve a nebulous concept of “greatness” is self love, but this is a moving target and exhausts internal resources.

The easiest way to begin to understand a concept that is a deep relationship with self begins with self acceptance as a way to self love. It is a stepping stone to help reach the body-mind states of wisdom that come as you practice this daily with realigning your understanding.

What are some ways to do that?

  • Seek Balance

The Buddhists call this The Middle Way. In all things look for a sense of moderation and flow. There are many types of meditation that can help with this.

  • Practice Gratitude

It is highly beneficial to psychological well being to practice being thankful every day. It helps to align the focus more on a heart-based outlook rather than overanalyzing and delving too deeply into negativity.

  • Allowance

Do not block emotions, allow them to pass through and notice what can be learned. Try not to attach meaning to any feeling experienced. Just because someone feels a feeling, it does not make them a certain type of person. We are a collective consciousness, experiencing all emotions and all things.

  • Connection

Practice being connected to all things, not comparing oneself. A good way to do this is through lovingkindness meditation and being involved in acts of service in the community.

  • Protect Personal Energy

Empathic individuals tend to be very sensitive to things within their environment and at times aren’t sure what is their own emotion and that of others. Learning some daily visualization techniques in grounding and shielding can make a big difference in being able to be present with others while not being overtaken by the energy that isn’t coming from oneself.

These steps can make a significant difference in daily life. Through a refocusing of the understanding and some simple practices, a higher level of inner peace can be attained.

Lisa Annunziato, MA, BCC, C.Ht. is a Board Certified Life Coach (with sub-certifications in many types of coaching), a Certified Hypnotherapist, an ordained Spiritualist Minister, a meditation and breath work instructor, an intuitive, and a multifaceted healer. She holds a B.S. in Human Services, Counseling, and a M.A. in Education. She specializes in intuitive life coaching, past life regression hypnosis, the emotional freedom technique, the Law of Attraction, the twin flame ascension path, mentoring other developing intuitives, and helping people to become more self aware to take ownership of their light in order to grow in their confidence and ab. She sees clients in locations around Connecticut and remotely all over the world.

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