How To Prepare And Maintain Before And After A Mint Thread Lifting?


With the PDO thread technique, one can achieve naturally younger-looking skin just by elevating your facial features. It lessens wrinkles and fine lines and triggers collagen formation to give the treated area more volume. Additionally, PDO thread before and aftercare is quite important. It is necessary to know how to prepare and how to maintain to get the best results along with knowing about the mint lift facial thread price chart (ราคา ไหม mint lift, this is the term in Thai).

Preparation Steps for Thread Lift Treatment

In accordance with your skin type and the required treatments, the practitioner will come up with an appropriate action plan for the patient. However, the usual recommendations offered are as follows: For at least a week prior to the operation, smoking and consuming any type of alcohol must be avoided. These can dry out the skin and potentially damage the anesthetic stage. Avoiding these aids in accelerating the healing process and delivering the greatest therapeutic outcomes.

Refraining from ingesting omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, spicy ginseng, garlic, krill, and other similar supplements at least two days prior to the procedure is necessary. It is advised to stay away from ginger and green tea as well. It is best to stay away from aspirin-based medications as they might lead to bleeding and other unfavorable side effects. Exercising at a high intensity and visiting a sauna or steam room must be avoided. The practitioner might add some more to the usual set of instruction depending on the condition of the patient.

Activities following the lift treatment

Although the procedure requires little recovery time, there are still many things one might do to speed up the process and achieve the greatest results. Some patients may feel sick afterward due to the anesthesia used during the thread lift surgery. However, it will go away if you drink a little water. For the first week ice the treated region for a few minutes four to five times a day if you have mild bruising or swelling. After receiving the therapy, be sure to rest for the entire day. You can move around anywhere you like.

But refrain from any vigorous activities or heavy lifting for the next three weeks. Following the procedure, the patients are usually permitted to use painkillers as needed. For the next two weeks following therapy, it is usually advised to refrain from taking aspirin. For at least 48 hours, avoid using face cream or makeup. For at least a week, refrain from drinking anything with a straw and stick to liquids or soft foods. It’s best to refrain from chewing gum for at least two weeks. It’s normal to have a little discomfort for the first two days after the procedure. It will progressively subside.

For at least three weeks, avoid pulling, massaging, scrubbing, or exfoliating your face. Additionally, you must wait at least 12 hours before washing or touching your face. Regarding the incision wounds, adhere to the care instructions the practitioner tells you. To avoid any swelling, it is advised that you sleep on your back.

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