The Issues Related to Over Medication


Medicines play a major role in everybody’s life today. We are dependent on them to solve all our health issues. But just as life-saving these medications can be, over medicating can be much more dangerous.

In this article, we would discuss in detail the issues related to over medication, some malpractices going around the world regarding the same.

What is Over Medication?

Overmedication happens when a person is given higher doses of medicines or medications which is not at all required for their body. Overmedication happening in all the hospitals is serious medical negligence.

What are the Issues related to Over Medication

Overmedication under any circumstance cannot be accepted. It adversely affects your body and your mind. Medicines in the true sense are prescribed drugs given to you in controlled amounts. But when this prescribed amount of drugs gets exceeded, they only harm your body. The NSW health, which is an anonymous organization keeping an eye over these malpractices has brought in many reports against various organizations.

Overmedication can lead to problems like:

1. It can cause drug overdose.

2. Overmedication to lead to nerve and organ failure.

3. It can also lead to mental illness.

4. This malpractice can cause patient memory loss, lack of appetite, and can make him very weak by killing all the good bacteria in the body.

5. Overmedication done dangerously can lead to serious issues like paralysis, cardiac arrest, and even death.

What are the Symptoms of Over Medication?

Symptoms for over-medication include

1. Weakness and Fatigue.

2. Body and abdominal pain.

3. Skin infections and rashes.

4. Mental blockage and forgetfulness.

5. Delusions and hallucinations.

6. Severe mood swings.

7. Strange and Unexpected weight loss and gain.

Malpractices of Over Medication in the World

Australia has been notoriously known for its over medication practices with its patients. Patients, especially the older ones are given an overdose of medicines. A report from the Human Rights Watch clearly states that the professionals at the medical centers feed old people diagnosed with dementia with psychotropic drugs. The patient and their family are not usually informed about any such medication and their consent is surely not taken. The professionals admit using the drugs as sedatives to the patient. But, why not inform the patient and their family about it?


Overmedication is a serious problem in society today. It has become the local source of drugs. If not stopped immediately, this can cause the death of many people. Therefore, strict and stringent methods should be followed to control the practice of medication.

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