Pet Therapy Can Help Seniors


Pet therapy has proven to be beneficial for seniors. It is also known as animal-assisted therapy. For the non-pet people, this may sound a little odd, but research has shown that this type of therapy does help seniors. The presence of a faithful cat and/or the loyalty of a friendly dog assists seniors in a variety of different ways. In this article, we address a few.

How does pet therapy help seniors? Living alone either at home or an assisted living center can cause loneliness in elders. Having a kind pet around may help alleviate some of that loneliness and lower feelings of depression. Of course, having family and friends around is always great, but keeping an animal friend helps fill the void when family and friends aren’t visiting. Additionally, studies have shown that petting the animals and interacting with them lowers blood pressure, reduces the heart rate, and produces a calming effect. Just being near and taking care of an animal gives the elder a sense of purpose and the feeling of being loved. Feeding, grooming, and walking pets helps improve physical exercise and mobility along with boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Pet therapy has also proved to be useful for seniors diagnosed with dementia. Since dementia patients have a difficult time communicating, a pet works as something they can talk to without feeling judged or confused. The pets simply provide another form of care. Any interaction with their pet also provides a level of mental stimulation. Cats, dogs, birds, and aquariums are common forms of pet assistance, and all have been found to produce positive results.

Animal-assisted therapy is proven to help and may improve the mental health of your elderly loved one. Need additional help for your senior family member? If so, the wonderful people at Griswold Home Care of Greater Orlando are available. They are specially trained and qualified to assist your elderly loved one with any daily or medical needs. From years of experience, they understand that certain simple things in life become difficult with age, which is why they refer quality trained caregivers to help your senior family members. Contact them today at 407-638-8116 for more information.

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