Overactive Bladder Tips for 4 Different Situations of Life


If you are holding back yourself every time because of overactive bladder, the good news is that you don’t need to.

A few easy lifestyle changes and medications can ease your life a lot. Here are a few tips to cope with overactive bladder in various situations of life.

1. At Work

Form a support network. Educate your colleagues about OAB and share your experiences with it.

Scheduled toileting. Emptying bladder on scheduled times can help you control OAB symptoms.

Discuss with your superiors and get your work station or cubicle closer to the bathroom.

Take a washroom break before starting work and before meetings. If you’re worried about a leakage accident, keep extra sets of clothes handy at work.

Take your own time to empty your bladder completely.

Make good use of time at meetings by doing Kegel exercises. Tighten the muscles in control of urination for 3 to 5 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat ten times.

2. At Night

If you’re too worried about bedtime accidents, relax with protective panties or pads and ease your mind.

Practice getting undisturbed sleep by avoiding fluids after 6 p.m. so as to keep your bladder empty at bedtime.

If the overactive bladder is disturbing your sex life, drink less and empty your bladder before intimacy.

To avoid abrupt bathroom visits, try discarding caffeine from your diet.

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3. In Travel

If you are providing yourself caffeinated cola from time to time to keep yourself awake while driving, remember that caffeine can increase the chances of leaks. So, you better reduce it.

While traveling by air, don’t forget to bring your supplies, medications and insurance information in your carry-on bag, to prevent problems by parting with your luggage.

Don’t forget to buy a sufficient stock of medications so that it will last for your entire trip.

Are you aware of portable toilets? Do some online research. You’ll get options of various sizes and prices.

4. Out of Home

When you visit a grocery store, restaurant or shopping mall, know the locations of bathrooms as soon as you reach there. Also, time your fluid intake carefully.

While going to your gym, it’s advisable to wear a tampon or pessary that will offer support to pelvic tissues and help you control leaks.

While eating out, reduce the consumption of cocktails. Alcohol can worsen your OAB symptoms.

If you are embarrassed to ask for adult pads or briefs at your local store, remember you can even order them online.

Overactive Bladder Treatment

You have a very good option of taking overactive bladder treatment in Australia by PTNS.

Women can take vaginal weight training that can prevent leaks. In this therapy, small weights are held inside vagina by tightening the muscles. This should be done twice daily for 15 minutes each for 4-6 weeks.

Your OAB medication may leave your mouth dry. In that case, you should discuss it with your doctor and get the dose adjusted.

There are also many treatments suggested by overactive bladder treatment expert from My Continence like mild electrical pulses that stimulate pelvic floor. These are to be done along with Kegel exercises.

You don’t need to live receded with your OAB. Act on the above tips and make your life easy and full of self-respect.

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