4 Types Of Oncology Doctors In Singapore


An oncology doctor is a medical professional who specialises in the vital medical discipline of oncology, which deals with cancer. These medical professionals have extensive training and are qualified to identify and treat cancer patients. An oncology doctor will create the best treatment plan for you if you have cancer-based on thorough pathology tests.

Cancer is treated and diagnosed by oncologists. They frequently serve as the patient’s primary healthcare provider, developing treatment plans, providing emotional support, and coordinating care with other professionals.

Here are different types of oncology doctors that you should know.

1. Medical or specialists in oncology

Medical oncologists can process cancer treatment in Singapore with chemotherapy and other drugs, including immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Medical oncologists monitor and maintain patients’ health while assisting patients in managing adverse effects. Most of the time, when treatment is over, patients contact them for follow-up.

2. Surgical oncologists

If the patient’s primary care physician detects cancer, one of the first doctors they might visit is a surgical oncologist. The surgeon will help with suggestions for surgical cancer treatment in Singapore to help the patient become ready. The surgeon will also aid the patient’s post-operative recovery.

3. Radiologist oncologists

Radiation treatment is the primary method that radiation oncologists use to treat cancer. This oncology doctor targets and kills cancer cells with high-energy photon beams. Radiation therapy is a common component of cancer treatment for many individuals. Implanting tiny seeds of radioactive material in the affected areas has proven effective in treating some malignancies. Others respond to radiosurgery better.

4. Paediatrics oncologists

A paediatric oncologist is an oncology doctor specialising in treating youngsters’ cancer. Children and teenagers are more likely than adults to develop some cancers.

When To Visit An Oncology Doctor?

If your general practitioner or family doctor needs advice from a specialist in a particular field or cannot diagnose cancer, they may refer you to an oncology doctor. Consulting an oncology doctor can help diagnose cancers such as breast cancer or cervical cancer.

In cases where you got a diagnosis of cervical cancer, then your oncology doctor will provide your plan for cervical cancer treatment in Singapore. To provide you with the optimal course of therapy, it is essential to identify and rule out any potential causes of a problem.

Since they deal with cancer patients daily, successful oncologists must be outstanding communicators. They must be able to explain treatment choices in detail and inform patients and their families of their availability.

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