Follow Proven Weight Losing Tips, Lose Weight and Look Slim


For losing weight, many suggest you follow various measures, which are not backed by substantiation. You may be aware of numerous programs, which have proved to be effective.

The below listed 26 tips are proven to be helpful in losing weight:

Drink Water

  • To enhance metabolism that uses more calories, drink water, particularly prior to taking food.


  • Eggs are believed be helpful to cut short your calories intake for 36 hours that follow.


  • Coffee (without sugar) can enhance metabolism and consequently result in loss of weight.

Green Tea

  • Green tea can be helpful in losing weight.

Coconut Oil

  • The fats in coconut oil perk-up metabolism, and lower your hunger so that your intake is lower.


  • This fibre base supplement has been established to result in losing bulk.


  • As sugar causes and raises fatness, cut down its intake.

Refined Carbohydrates

  • These hikes blood sugar swiftly making you feel hungry and eat again.

Low Carbohydrates

  • Low carbohydrates food is helpful in weight loss.


  • Eating in smaller plates helps you eat comparatively less.

Control or count

  • Controlled eating or keeping track of calories is proved to be helpful,

Healthy Food

  • Keep salubrious food around to eat in case you are very hungry.


  • Make sure to brush or floss your teeth after supper.
  • This helps avoid mid-night bite.

Spicy grub

  • Spicy foods can enhance metabolism and diminish your hunger to some extent.


  • Exercising is the finest way to lose weight.

 Weight lifting

  • Weight lifting helps burn more calories.


  • Consumption of food with high fibre is very useful. 

Vegetables and Fruits

  • These have lesser calories and abundant fibres which help you lose plump

Masticate slowly  

  • This helps you lower your calorie intake.


  • Sleeping well can reduce fatness.


  • If you cannot control your food craving, then seek professional advice.


  • It is a solo nutrient that helps you in losing weight.

Whey Protein 

  • Substitute your food with whey protein.

Liquid Sugar 

  • Liquid sugar is the solo highest calorific diet, avoid it.

Real Food

  • Eat whole and single component food.

No starving

  • Dieting enhances fat.

Studies have established that people taking more vegetables and fruits are prone to lose weight.  These foods are healthy, nutritious and good for all causes.

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