About Me

Hi, and welcome to Inspirational Bodies. With the lifestyle we lead today, it is more often that you will hear someone complaining about having trouble with his or her back. The common complaint would be having a chronic lower back pain. This could be from the amount of time you spend in a bad posture or the amount of work you do that puts so much pressure on your spine. I once had this issue, it is the reason I had to come up with this blog to help other people to benefit from my experience with inversion tables.

The inversion therapy using inversion tables has helped me to alleviate the pain that was often something I had to experience each day. My dream today is to help many people to achieve their dreams and not just give them lip service. My blog is all about giving you guidelines on how to effectively use inversion therapy for better health and deal with your back pains.

Today, the market is filled with tools you can use for inversion therapy. It does not mean that they are all good for your case. Each manufacturer will always say that their product is the best, but just how much of that is true? You will need someone who has experience with one or several inversion tables to help with making a decision. All that is about to change starting today when you get to learn from the various reviews posted on the blog.

My blog is all about giving you all the important information about the inversion table and take away the fluff. For many people, they need to get straight to be point and not filter so much junk. This blog will always leave you more educated about the inversion tables what you knew before.

To make the blog more helpful and interactive, I intend to invite other people to share their experiences they have had with their inversion tables. This will help expand the amount of knowledge we have currently on the blog. Having diversity also helps in learning more about other different modes of inversion table exercises. You can always let your friends too know more about this blog so that they can get the help you are getting today.

Whenever you feel there is something you need to get personal talk with me, simply send me an email with the details. I should be able to get back to you within a few hours or a day with the solution.