5 Things to Know About Laser Skin Resurfacing


Laser Skin Surfacing, also known as an effective skin care procedure to improve the texture and appearance of facial skin, has been effectively helping people to get that fresh and younger skin. Laser skin treatment Toronto is especially beneficial when you want to reduce the negative appearance of acne, scars, deep wrinkles, and other unwanted skin defects. Many people also call it wrinkle treatment Toronto.

A quick fact about laser resurfacing is that it is most effective on facial areas and can be used to give the skin a tighter, smoother looking surface. It works by removing the damaged skin cell layer by layer to deliver better results that last longer for years. Once you have completely removed the damaged skin, you will have completely new, fresh, and healthier skin.

Who Should Have Laser Skin Resurfacing?

This can be very tricky for normal people to understand whether they are the right candidates for the laser resurfacing treatment or not. It is because you don’t know everything about the process. According to the professionals in the wrinkle treatment Toronto industry, laser resurfacing treatment is recommended for patients who have tried over-the-counter medication but did not find positive results. It is also a good option for people dealing with acne scars, uneven skin tone, fine lines, or wrinkles.

Ultimately, before you decide whether it is the right choice for you, make sure that you consult with a medical professional to be sure.

Basic Types of Laser Skin Resurfacing?

There are two different types of laser groups: ablative lasers and nonablative lasers.

  • Ablative –

This is a process where a professional and certified dermatologist will strip the epidermis and part of your dermis by superheating water within the skin. As a result, the skin cells are vaporized and usually take one week to heal.

  • Nonablative –

This is another process that uses a non-wounding laser to stimulate collagen growth. According to the specialists, this is a less invasive procedure and needs less recovery time than the previous one.

When Should You Have Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Another common confusion that many people deal with is when they should get the wrinkle treatment Toronto or laser resurfacing treatment? We’ll try to help you with this here.

Laser-treated skin is very much sensitive to sub exposure, which is why it is never suggested to go out in the sun for a long time after a laser session. This is why it is suggested that the laser resurfacing treatment should be performed during the fall or winter as the days are usually shorter and most of the time is spent indoors.

Regardless to the time or month of the year when the patient has to undergo the laser skin treatment Toronto procedure, it’s important to wear sunscreen daily. Experts suggest that you should use only an SPF 30 or higher sunscreen after treatment. The goal is to protect your skin from any kind of damage due to the harmful rays of the sun.

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