[Review]:Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table


The ironman ATIS 4000 inversion table is a combination of many workout devices into one. You can use this type of product to as an inversion table, relieving back pains and abs workout. With such much functionality found in just one machine, you should be able to do a lot more than what you did with other types of inversion tables. The table is often used by those looking to improve their core fitness levels and those with chronic back pain all the time. The product has still found favor in many inversion therapy doctors who often recommend it to their patients.

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Assembly process

This could be something that scares many people when it comes to assembling your own inversion table. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of time assembling it, as it comes with an inclusive manual. With the manual, you should be in a position to make the most of the tools available in the house to make sure that you have the inversion table standing in no time.

The device is a bit heavy, so you might want to call someone to help with the whole assembly process. Working two people together, you should be able to have it all assembled in just an hour maximum.

Build quality

The manufacturer knew that the job the inversion table will be used for is not easy. This meant building something that could last for longer. The inversion table is made with a heavy duty steel frame. The sturdy table will not wobble when using it, even when it comes to inverting a heavy person.

The 10 different angle adjustments are not commonly found in other types of inversion tables. Most of them would only have a few angles which might not be enough. With the 10 angles to choose from, you can now choose the one you feel it is great for you. You can start with the smaller angles before advancing to the others. Choosing the right angle should help mostly with having better strength with your core muscles.


The inversion tables might always look different, but this one is different a bit in terms of design unique to Ironman products. Starting with the frame, it is made to last for long based on the amount of work you have to do. The product also comes with more comfort in terms of backrest padding. The padding is made of a memory foam that can contour to your body. This makes it possible for you to feel more comfortable when using this type of inversion table than the other models.

For additional back support, the inversion table comes with a removable lumbar support pillow. You simply need to use it whenever needed or do away with it in some situations.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of any inversion table might sometimes work as the final nail to the deal. The impressively strong design and frame, the product can handle the weight of people up to 320 pounds. Even if you are heavier, it is easy to see that with this product you can end up working out without any issues.

Inverting process

With the main aim of the product being inversion, you will need to learn more about how it inverts before you can start using it. To invert yourself, rest your body against the backrest and put your feet into the ankle cushions. You can always adjust them to offer more support for your case. You can simply lift your arms over your head so that your body gradually inverts to the preset angle. Another way would be using the side bars to get yourself down to the preferred position before you can go on with the other types of exercises.

The smart gear mechanism found on the table allows for locking the table at 10 different angles. The lock mechanism also prevents the cases of free falling while inverting.


  • The extend foam safety handles help with easy return and body positioning
  • The large foot platform makes it easy to balance on the inversion table
  • The strong frame prevents any cases of wobbling when using the inversion table
  • The super side holder on the product is great for storing the small items
  • The inverting hand grips help with maximum stretching while inverting


  • It cannot be folded for easier storage
  • It is quite heavy as it weighs 111 pounds


You can expect the ATIS 4000 to come with a number of features that outweigh what other tables can provide. Many people who have used before can agree that it delivers on their needs for a great inversion table [our top picks]. With its dual role of enabling you to build your core body strength, it is the reason you will find many people just loving it.

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