[Review]:Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest


Not all people can end up affording the high-end models, so there is a solution for you on a budget. You will need to choose this model of inversion table to still enjoy the benefits that come with using the right inversion table. The product comes with all the benefits of using inversion therapy to ensure the consumers get the right product even on a budget. From the other reviews, people who have used always made it clear that it works for each workout you might think of. To make sure you understand what this inversion table is all about, check out its benefits and features below.

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Heavy duty frame

The product might not be expensive as compared to the high-end models, but it is something that you could love to use because of its strong construction. The 1.5-inch square steel frame can provide all the capacity of holding a person of up to 300 pounds in weight. This is great news for people who are always looking for a great inversion tool that will work in their favor.

To make it even more applicable to many exercises, the manufacturer has made it to accommodate other different parts. This means that it can be adjusted to multiple angles and can easily slide into different height adjustments. With these height adjustments, you can now use the workout bench with almost anyone with different heights.

The presence of durable handlebars should make it easy for you to enjoy using the inversion table when going down or coming back to the upright position.

Comfort foam backrest

Whenever you are shopping around for the inversion tables, you can be sure to find many not having the best comfortable benches. This one might be cheap, but the manufacturer made sure that you can still get to use the inversion table without having to worry about the back being strained. For many people, the backrest on this model is covered with comfort foam that often makes it the selling point of the table. The backrest is also well contoured so that it can meet the comfort needs of many people who are looking to enjoy the benefits given by the inversion table.

The backrest is still covered with vinyl to protect it and still make it easy to clean the backrest. This also does not allow for sliding from side to side whenever handing upside down. This is a great way of making you feel comfortable when using such a product for inversion therapy.

Easy to adjust

The product is made to be simple so that you can enjoy using it more often without having to refer to the manual all the time. You might find that the only time you refer to the manual is when setting up the table for the first time. To use it, you simply need to adjust the safety straps and adjust them to the angle of your choice. You can now do the different types of exercises that you like with this product. You can still use the looped handlebars to go down or still come up from the inverted position.

Whenever you feel some of there is something not correct about the table, simply make sure that you can check out the manual to know more about the problem. Many users often do not experience any malfunction with the product.


Who would want to be upside down on a machine that does not a guarantee for success? You need to make sure that you choose the most stable inversion table. This model offers the stability that you need to work out more often. Even if you are a tall person, you can always be sure that you will experience the best stability with this product. The product can still support weights of up to 300 pounds so that you can work out easily despite your weight.


  • The product comes with a sturdy and stable frame
  • The padded backrest will provide you with the best comfort
  • The affordable price should make it easy for you to buy
  • It provides smooth and stable tilting when using the table
  • It is easy to adjust to different angles


  • The product does not fold when it comes to storage
  • It might require additional socks for comfort on the ankles
  • If possible, use a stronger safety strap for better performance


If you have a limited budget and still want to experience some great workout on the inversion table, this should be it. Make sure that you get this model and start working out today. You can always use different modes of workout when using this type of model other than just the inversion model. The strong construction simply makes it a great tool to use today. You will no longer have to worry about the wobbling even used by a heavier person.

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