[Review]: Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table


The EP-560 model is no doubt among the best inversion tables you can expect to find today on the market. You can use the table for various types of workouts such as inversion therapy and core workouts. The experience with using this model has always been a great one according to many users around the world. Many can agree that it is something that they have always wanted. The users like that it comes from a leading manufacturer in inversion tables. This means that you can always be sure to end up with the right tool at all times.

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Safety is something many people would always keep in mind whenever choosing the inversion table. You simply need to make sure that you end up working out without safety worries. This model however is tested and certified by the UL and other independent product safety certification organizations.

The UL testing standard was established to ensure that the products always meet the key safety requirements and can be used effectively in many workouts without the users ending up with injuries. Just always make sure as the user you can do the workouts correctly.

With the support of engineers, doctors, athletes and safety organizations, you can be sure that this model enjoys the best support out there. The table design will always ensure that their technology is great for consumer protection at all times.

The design

When it comes to design, not many inversion tables can beat it. The table seems to have gone through several design stages so that you can end up with the best inversion table today on the market. Thanks to the inversion technology, the company made the ComfortTrak Bed that has garnered many reviews as the best. This design assures the user to expect the best comfort when working out in an inverted position. You can easily do various angles that you like to ensure you work out correctly on the model.

The innovative design still accommodates the acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge accessories. This means that there is so much you can do with the product other than just inversion therapy.

To make stretching easier and more effective, the manufacturer made the bed surface to be flexible enough to accommodate your movements. You can also use the stretch grips mounted on this table so that you can enjoy more of the inversion table.

Usage instructions

Most people think that the usage of inversion table can be difficult, but that is not always the case. People end up having a great time when using the inversion tables with ease after reading the instructions from the manufacturer. For this model, it is easy to use it even if you have not used the same type of product before. It only takes a few minutes to get the system working just like you want it.

The best part is that the manufacturer sends you a great manual with everything explained in it. The owner’s manual is something that would use to learn more about the usage end some of the exercises too. The instructional DVD provided should help you with the assembly process and training too.

Ankle support

It is for sure hard on your ankles whenever doing the inversion therapy. The ankle support system is made with a pressure reducing foam that will keep down the pressure when inverted. The comfort dial will help in making sure that you can adjust it just enough to cover your ankles comfortably.


As much as it is made to be strong enough to handle weights of up to 300 pounds, the product still comes with more benefits such as the ability to fold for storage. The product can be folded into a smaller size in just under a minute. You can store it now behind a door whenever not in use. You should also have an easy time when it comes to unfolding it so that you can use it for workouts again.


  • The product is dispatched to the customer 90 percent pre-assembled
  • It is easy to assemble by following the instructions given
  • It can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds
  • The inversion table is tested and certified according to UL 1647 standards


  • The product is made to be quite heavy, thus not so easy for mobility
  • It lacks the extended reach ankle systems such as those found on the EP-960 model


Coming from a company that has been making the best inversion table for long, you can be sure about the type of quality you can get with such a product. So many people would love to enjoy having a great time with inversion tables and this is the right one to use. With its great construction, you can expect it to deliver more on your needs.

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