[Review]: Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

Teeter Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit

If you have used the EP-950 model, this one is a great improvement from it. The company has however made sure not to water down the different great features of the older model. With several upgraded features, it is easy to see why many people would love to use such a model. The company itself has been the leader in innovations in the industry of inversion tables. The company has led the campaign for greater inversion tables for the last 30 years and it seem like that is not going to stop any time soon. To understand more why people love to use this inversion table, check out its features below.

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Redesigned model

The frame on the EP-960 model is an updated frame of what you would have from on the earlier models. The comfort trak bed has been redesigned so that it can offer more comfort than what you have used before. The bed is also made to be two pieces so that you can easily fold them easily together. Many people often say that it is the most comfortable bed in the industry today and can flex depending on the user needs. The experience of most people is that it is something you can use each day for different workouts without feeling the strain.

The stretch max handles will help with stretching to the maximum when inverting yourself to the inverting position. The user can easily use the handles also to go back to the upright position easily. They also allow the user to perform various stretching exercises that are more more fun and help with better decompression of the spine and stress relief.

Another interesting design feature is the use of a tether strap for control of the inversion angle. Making the adjustment should be easy for those who need to change the angle to where they feel comfortable enough to workout.

Setting Up the Inversion Table

The manufacturer wanted to make it much easier on the users to assemble it. Since it comes with 85 percent of the whole structure fully assembled, you can be sure that the remaining part should be easy and straightforward to complete. To make it even better, there is an inclusion of a step-by-step video that provides all the needed instructions to handle the assembly process.

Even without the instructional DVD, you can still use the owner’s manual to complete the assembly process. The DVD also comes with guides on how to stretch and strengthen your muscles. The DVD is done by processionals that show you the best way to use the inversion table.

The Build Quality

Whenever you get to compare this model with other inversion tables on the market right now, it is easy to see the differences in features and functionality. To make people like it even more, it comes with a study heavy duty A frame that you could use to workout even more often.

Its impressive scratch-resistant powder coating helps with making sure that it will still look great after a using it for years. This is a great change from the previous models which often used regular paint that could scratch easily.

Ankle Support System

For this model, the manufacturer implemented the EZ-Reach Ankle System that offers much more benefits when it comes to ankles support. The system will reduce the strain that people face when they have to reach their ankles. The extended handle for the ankle lock system will provide an easy to reach solution so that you can also lock the ankles quite quickly.

The comfort of the support system is also top notch. Whenever you clamp it around your ankles, you can avoid having issues with pain and strain whenever you invert. With such a system, you should be in a position to relax and work out easily.


  • Quality construction makes it last for even longer with regular use
  • The easy to reach ankle system makes it easy to make adjustments for those who often have trouble bending over
  • It can be folded easily for storage
  • Impressive 5 year warranty to show that it last for longer


  • It is often seen as expensive for its class
  • The whole system weighs 73.4 pounds, making it quite heavy


On overall, it is a great product that is made to the standards that many people would want to have today. This could be great when you are always looking to have a great time working out comfortably. The system also comes with additional features that makes working out easier. This applies to the all-new ankle support system. The system will make you feel comfortable even after working out for a long time. Starting today, you should be able to fight the problem of hurting pain for once without having to spend a lot more on machines that cannot help.

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