[Review]: Merax Inversion Therapy Table with Comfort Foam Backrest


The use of inversion therapy was something that some people often found it odd, but now, they are looking to buy them more often. The inversion therapy tables come with multiple benefits as we will get to see from this review of the best inversion therapy table. The model on overall is designed to offer great performance and design. It should be able to relieve your stress, workout and so many other benefits.

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Inverting grips for maximum stretching

The reason a person would want to use an inversion table is because it can help with relieving the stress, lower left back pain, and still increase the body flexibility. It is the reason you get more people going for such type of inversion tables for better results. It is possible to do even more with this type of inversion table as it allows for inverting grips. The results are that you end up having maximum stretching each time you get to use the model.

Thanks to the tubular steel frame, this model is going to work great for you for many years to come. You do not have to worry about using the product for a few weeks and then it breaks. It will maintain its form for a long time to come.

Easy adjustments

When it comes to using the inversion therapy table, one thing you would want is comfort. The type of comfort you get from the table is what will lead you to using it more often rather than switching to different types of tables. The best part about this model is that it comes with easy controls for making the adjustments. Within no time, you should be able to find the right position that feels comfortable for the process.

Still on comfort, the model comes with a foam backrest. The backrest should give your back a great resting place for being inverted even for longer. You would easily last through the sessions without the need of taking a break. There is also the dual pin system that makes finding your right position for the inversion quite easy.

On overall, the model is easy to use thanks to its simplistic nature. The moment you rest your body against the pad, lock the feet, you should be ready to do the inversion.

Folds up for storage and transport

This part of therapy for sure has many benefits that people can enjoy, it is therefore important that you get one for yourself today. Even if that is the case, where are you looking to store the therapy table once you are done with the workout. It is something that most people ask themselves before they can choose the right inversion table. Well, you are in luck to learn that this model easily folds up for the perfect storage.

When you fold this model, you should be able to store it in the tight spaces and only use it when necessary.

Impressive weight capacity

Not all the inversion tables would support all the weight desired. It is important to choose the best inversion table that can handle more weight. If you are going to use the same type of inversion table for the while family, then it is better if you get a table that can be used by every person. This model comes with a great weight capacity of 300 pounds. This should be enough to make it be used by most people within the weight range. As pointed out earlier, the use of strong steel tubular frame makes it even stronger to be able to handle such weight capacities.


  • It comes with inverting grips that helps provide the maximum stretching capability
  • The lower spring loaded pull pin helps with easy ankle adjustments
  • It easily folds up for easy storage and transportation
  • It supports more weight


  • The manual does not come with the best instructions


You can now enjoy having a great workout with such type of inversion therapy table. It is impressive how it comes with the best comfort features to give you a great time to handle the workouts. By choosing this model, you say bye to issues such as stress, back pain and a lot more.

>>Click here to see pricing, ratings, and reviews on Amazon.com.<<

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