[Review]: Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Therapy Table


When it comes to shopping for an inversion table that can handle the chronic lower back, you are likely to end up seeing many types of tables today. You can be sure that it is something you would love. This table comes with an advanced option of heat and massage capability that just makes it have so many fans. With the heat and vibration features, it is easy to see that the table does not come cheap. Even without focusing too much on the price, there are so many other features you can get to love when using the table. Check out the review below.

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Heat and vibration massage capability

This seems to be the most different feature you can expect to find on this inversion table. There are so many benefits you can expect to experience when using this type of inversion table. Even with just a few minutes of inversion, there are a number of benefits you can expect to feel when using the table. The additional vibration will just multiply the many benefits when it comes to using the product.

The manufacturer made it easier for taller people to also use the inversion table by having an adjustable lumbar pad. You simply need to change it to a comfortable position that you feel works great for your case. It is not like for the fixed tables where sometimes it would be far too high and you would not feel the benefits quite well.

Presence of four position side inversion pin

You might see most inversion tables having simple and reliable tether strap system that acts as a safety feature to keep the table from inverting. Even if that kind of strap is good it cannot match the kind of control that you get with this inversion table. It comes with a four position side inversion pin that should work the same as the strap and still get you working out great again without fearing that the table would overturn.

The pins help you to transition by going through the various types of stages before you can up to 180 degrees. Not everyone can simply hop onto the inversion table and go to such extreme angles. The gentle introduction to different types of angles should help you with making your body grow stronger by adapting to different types of angles.

Ankle support

An inversion table would not be complete if it lacks the ankle support. Thanks to its great design of the ankle support, you should be able to feel quite comfortable when using this type of inversion table. On this model, the manufacturer uses the cuff style rear ankle support pads and round foam that will promote for better ankle support.

Of course the more you invert, the more you are likely to exert more pressure on the ankles. This means that in such case you will need to enjoy having a great time working out when you are the right ankle support. Whenever you feel a bit of discomfort, it is possible that you can add a few pads or socks to increase the cushion.

Assembly and storage

The assembly process for this inversion table is fairly simple and should take less than an hour by simply following the instructions given by the manufacturer. To make it even easier, the unit comes with its legs pre-assembled so that you can have an easy time assembling the other parts. The manufacturer made sure that you can have an easy time to assemble the product by using a manual that comes with clear images for you to follow.

As for storage, you can easily fold the unit and even store it in tight spaces. This should help a lot when it comes to saving on space. You have to be careful where store it as it does not have a strap to lock the unit when in a folded position.


  • The table folds to a flat level, which is impressive for storage
  • The quick release ankle lock makes it easy to make adjustments
  • It comes with a rigid square tube frame for stability
  • The position includes lock control helps control the inversion angles


  • The system does not come with a lock system when folded
  • The lumber heat and massage unit makes the whole unit to be bulky


The Innova ITM4800 inversion table for sure is something that you would love to use more often to deal with your lower back pain issues. With the addition of heat and vibration massage, then you can be sure to end up with the best treatment for your back. Many people who have tried it can always claim to have had a great time with it. You too could be that person when you get to buy the inversion table today.

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