[Review]: Innova Fitness ITX9250 Deluxe Inversion Table


Your inversion therapy will be better only if you choose the best table. This inversion table comes from a top brand in the industry. This means that you can expect to see more benefits when it comes buying such a product. We get to see some of the things that make this model among the best.

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You will be inverting yourself on this type of inversion table, there is no doubt you would feel comfortable if the table was made of durable material. Well, the frame for this model is made of strong tubular steel that should provide you with the best durability you need. Each joint of the stand is secured with two or more M8 screws. The results are that you get that feeling of sturdiness all the time with for working out easily. Thanks to such great sturdiness, you get that the model can handle weights of up to 250lbs. Even if you weigh more than 250lbs, you will still find that you are comfortable with the model.

The base of the model comes fitted with additional plastic stabilizers. They help with making sure that you end up with better stability. When it comes to the folding the table, makes sure that you do not end up losing them that you have trouble with stability.

Breathable mesh backrest

The backrest of the model is made to have a breathable mesh added to the padding. Other than the comfort of the padding, you still get the mesh important for breathability. On overall, the users would not be inverted long enough to break a sweat as the exercise is often 10 minutes. There is no doubt that you would be getting more comfort, which is a great thing for anyone looking to feel as comfortable as much as possible. There is a still a pillow that you can remove if you want or still keep it. Some remove it when they feel it is making their head to be at a unnatural position.

Ankle holders

There is no doubt that the ankle holders have to be comfortable or else the inversion would only last for a few minutes. For this model, it comes with padded ankle holders for the purpose of making sure the users have a great time inverting. There is still the adjustable footrest that offers better support for the feet so that you can use the model easily. There are some four rollers with tough foam that you will be using to support your ankles. You can adjust these rollers until they are in the right position for better performance.

The assembly process

To be among the best in industry, the inversion table has to make the assembly and using it to be great. The assembly process on overall is not so hard, anyone who has used an inversion therapy table can work on it and get it standing in no time. Well, for those who have not tried the table before, you might face a few challenges as the instructions offered by the manufacturer are not so clear. From other reviews, the users were happy with the way the table is able to handle.

Of course, once you are done with the workout, you do not want to leave the inversion table taking up all the space in the room. It is the reason, you will get this and many other inversion tables being easily foldable. It should take you a few seconds to easily fold the model back together for a compact storage. The table is relatively light, so carrying it to another room for storage should not be a big issue. Some people store it in the closet or even under the bed and just take it out only when needed.


  • The table is lightweight for portability
  • The adjustable rollers help with comfort
  • It is highly durable


  • It could some additional padding for the backrest


There is a lot to be proud of when you get to choose this type of product. It is durable, it delivers on comfort, it is lightweight and a lot more. With such features, you should feel comfortable getting one for yourself today.

>>Click here to see pricing, ratings, and reviews on Amazon.com.<<

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