[Review]: Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table


When it comes to high end and functional inversion tables, the Health Mark Pro Max tops the list. It is not just about the high price, but the design and working capacity are quite impressive. It is designed to deliver on many positions that other models might not have. It is the reason you are likely to find it in many therapy centers around the country. With the fact that it can accommodate up to 600 pounds, many people would feel comfortable to climb on it and start exercising.

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You can achieve various types of inversion angles that you might like. With this product, you can easily go for 180-degree inversion so that you can feel the full gravity on your back for better stretching. In this position, you can still do great hyper-extensions to keep your back in shape. The table still comes with 6 pre-set angles which should make it easy for setting your inversion angles. Simply select the angle and lock it in position.


As a standard feature, the product comes with a crescent face rest. This means that you can end up facing up and facing down on the same padding. You can always experience the best comfort whenever you are working out even with your face down. This is the only inversion table that should help you experience the best face down inversion therapy.

Still, as part of comfort, you can expect it to feel better with the thigh and knee support. This should get you working out in different ways you might not have managed when using other types of inversion tables. Your ankles are still supported at this whole time with this type inversion. There is the inclusion of padding on the ankle support to ensure you do not feel so much strain on your ankles when working out.


From the design, it is easy to see that it could be great to use in therapy centers, but many people are now using it for home use too. This is because the table has been designed for face up and face down inversion. Its ability to handle different types of inversion therapies is what makes it popular among different people.

The design also includes a foam-padded backrest for comfort, additional front and rear ankle brackets for better stability. A nice addition of crescent shaped head and face rest is something that people would love.
Its impressive design also makes it to have the capacity of up to 600 pounds. It is not common to find most inversion tables being in such a range. Most of them would only support to a maximum 300 pounds.

Easy to assemble

It might look like a complex machine, but assembling it should be fairly easy. The manufacturer provides the user with an impressive manual that has clear instructions. Simply follow the steps to make sure that you can end up with the correctly assembled inversion table. It can take you an average of 2 hours maximum to fully assemble the table.

Impressive build quality

Anyone would want a product with the best build quality. This means that ending up with a great product that works for a longer time. The product comes with a heavy gauge tubular steel construction. This should ensure that you get the best durability for the money you are paying for the inversion table.

Other than the frame, the product is still built with great quality foam for back support. The foam will contour to your body so that it can help with your posture. There ankle foam pads are equally good for you to enjoy using for a long time without the need to replace them.


  • The inversion table can hold weights up to 600 pounds far better than other products
  • It comes with pre-set angles that make it easy for inversion
  • The capability to offer face down inversion is something different not experienced before
  • It is strong as it is built with heavy gauge steel frame


  • Being a non-foldable inversion table means that it takes up a lot of space
  • It is expensive for many people


The Health Mark Pro Max is something you would love to use on seeing it. Without a doubt, it is one of the most expensive inversion tables out there, but it is all worth the money if you just look at the features that it has to offer. There are a number of pros and cons that come with the product, but the pros are too many to outweigh the cons. This shows that the product can deliver on the needs of many people looking for such type of product for home or commercial use. You should no longer try to cope with back pain when there is an option of using such a product.

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